Barr: Barr excluded from Connecticut ballot

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Sep 11, 2006
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10-24-2008 06:14 PM
As most of you probably know by now, Bob has been excluded from the ballot in Connecticut because of the incompetence of election officials and a peculiar ruling by Judge Janet Hall.

Connecticut claimed that the petitions were 280 signatures short. Our team found 209 signatures that were wrongly invalidated. Election officials also lost 116 petitions.

Judge Hall based her decision on the inability of the state to quickly reprogram electronic voting machines and reprint machine-readable ballots before the election.

Russ Verney responded to the decision in press release earlier today:

&#8220;We are outraged by the decision of Judge Hall. To allow a candidate for the highest national office to be unlawfully excluded from an election because it would inconvenience state workers or interfere with bureaucratic procedures goes beyond the pale,&#8221; stated Russ Verney, campaign manager for Bob Barr.

Verney continued, &#8220;It takes a few days to print good, old paper ballots which served us well for over 100 years. Throw the machines in the river and allow democracy and justice to take precedent over technology. If the state of Connecticut maintains a level of incompetence so great that they cannot print ballots before the election, I encourage them to look to private industry and call Kinkos.&#8221;

Our Republic deserves no less that to let voters choose their candidates without interference from incompetent elected officials or restrictive ballot access laws.



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