Attack of the Killer Trolls.


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Feb 24, 2009
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If you're in a bar or at a party, and there's a guy you think is a loudmouth, you don't expect the host to kick him out as a general rule, unless he's causing a problem for everyone. You just move away from them, right? Same principle here...

What will happen depends on how the bar owner operates his bar.
In my 'bar', loudmouths and rude people are removed from the premises, because I don't want to create a place where boorish people are tolerated. My bar is the equivalent of an old Gentlemens club. People can disagree as much as they like, but they will be civilized about it. Technically, I don't own the bar, but the owner put me in charge because we have the same idea of what the bar should be like.

If you can't post in a semi respectful manner, then don't bother posting at all. I hate obnoxious loudmouths in real life, but irl, I have to just ignore them because they have rights. In my bar I can just get rid of them because it is a private place and I get to decide who gets to stay or not.


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Aug 21, 2003
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Thank you for the information. I will remember all of this
*blinks twice* ALL OF IT? Wow... I'm seriously impressed (no fake/kidding/teasing). Wish more were like you.

I'm glad that I've been a member here for a while and equally happy that everyone is basically a good cup of joe to enjoy and get to know, bounce ideas, thoughts and all of that. Again I thank another member for allowing me to nose over her shoulder while she was posting and got my curiosity peaked enough to check this site out. Later I had the privileged to meet and spend time with the Gawd Emperor himself and show him a good time in my area. Looking forward to doing it again someday too, *nudge*.

This is one of the better sites on the net and I've seen people get booted off but only after consistent warnings, suspensions even and they still persist. So actually I fear not the trolls that invade MT but sometimes the lurkers send a tiny shiver down me spine. Hopefully as time goes on more people will post more of their thoughts and opinions as opposed to sitting at their desk, couch, table, seat and nod or shake their heads at whatever they happen to be reading here at the time.

Long live MT! Proud to be a member of the family.


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Jun 22, 2013
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It is an excellent post, full of helpful info that a lot of people want (and people will some still discount) Would you consider making it a tacky, and perhaps setting it in the Novice's Corner?


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Sep 25, 2014
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3- "I don't like this persons posts, so I think hes a troll and you should ban him or I'm going to leave." Ok. Bye. We have a feature on this site, it's called "ignore". You can put someone on your ignore list, and then you will not have to read anything they say.
Why am I only discovering this now :)


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Jul 2, 2006
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I'm usually watching Robot Chicken at midnight, but that's because the wife works mostly opening shifts. If I attacked her then, she'd kenpo my ***, and that would be bad. ;)

This is an interesting thread, because I had to think back to when I started it in 06. We were drowning in trouble makers then. In the 4 years since, things have calmed down a lot, we've had a number of staff changes, 2 rules rewrites, a server change, and more. It's been a wild and interesting ride. I can't wait to see how the next 10 years go. :)
This thread got kicked up... Gonna invite the Ol' Captain back for a memory or two...

But, in 10 years, Bob sold the place, we've had lots of staff turnover... a new backend system... more that I can't recall...

And we still get troll complaints...