Assault Statistics

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Aug 4, 2001
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(Found these on another forum as part of a safety thread)

The following information has been compiled by University of California, Santa Cruz, which has a rape prevention project ...

Around the world at least I women in 3 has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime. Most often the abuser is a member of her own family. (John Hopkins School of Public Health 2000)

An estimated 91% of victims of rape are female, 9% are male and 99% of offenders are male. (Bureau of Justice Statistics 1999)

77% of rapes are committed by someone known to the person raped. (Bureau of Justice Statistics 1997)

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey there were an estimated 248,000 rapes and sexual assaults against victims over the age of 12 in the US in 2001. (US Department of Justice)

According to the National Victim Center, 683,000 women are raped each year. (1992)

Only 2% of rapists are convicted and imprisoned. (US Senate Judiciary Committee 1993)

Women of all ethnicities are raped: American Indian/Alaska Native women are most likely to report a rape and Asian/Pacific Islander the least likely. (National Institute of Justice 1998)

Reported rape victimization by race is: 34% of American Indian/Alaska Native; 24% women of mixed race; 19% of African American women; 18% of white women; 8% of Asian/Pacific Islander women. (Tjaden and Thoennes, National Institute of Justice 1998)

80-90% of rapes against women (except for American Indian women) are committed by someone of the same racial background as the victim. (US Dept. of Justice 1994)

American Indian victims of rape reported the offender as either white or black in 90% of reports. (Department of Justice 1997)

In a 1999 longitudinal study of 3,000 women, researchers found women who had been victimized before were seven times more likely to be raped again. (Acierno, Resnick, Kilpatrick, Saunders and Best, Jnl. of Anxiety Disorders 13, 6.)

93% of women and 86% of men who were raped and/or physically assaulted since the age of 18 were assaulted by a male. (National Violence Against Women Survey, 1998)

Among female rape victims, 61% are under age 18. (American Academy of Pediatrics, 1995)

22% of females raped are under the age of 12 years; 32% are 12-17 years old; 29% 18-24 years old; 17% over 25 years old. 83% of those raped are under the age of 25 years old. (National Institute of Justice 1998)

In a study of 6,000 students at 32 colleges in the US, 1 in 4 women had been the victims of rape or attempted rape. (Warshaw 1994)

13% of college women indicated they had been forced to have sex in a dating situation. (Johnson and Sigler, Jnl. of Interpersonal Violence, 2000)

In a study of 6,000 students at 32 colleges in the US, 42% of rape victims told no-one and only 5% reported it to the police. (Warshaw 1994)

1 in 12 male students surveyed had committed acts that met the legal definition of rape or attempted rape. (Warshaw, Robin 1994 "I Never Called It Rape")

In a survey of college males who committed rape, 84% said what they did was definitely not rape. (Warshaw, Robin 1994 "I Never Called It Rape")

A study of 477 male students, mostly 1st and 2nd year students, found 56% reported instances of non-assaultive coercion to obtain sex. Examples included: threatening to end a relationship; falsely professing love; telling lies to render her more sexually receptive. (Boeringer 1996, Violence Against Women:5)

Women with disabilities are raped and abused at twice the rate of the general population. (Sobsey 1994)

Of the 22 substances used in drug facilitated rape, alcohol is the most common finding in investigations. (Jnl. of Forensic Sciences 1999)

According to the First National Survey of Transgender Violence, 13.7% of 402 persons reported being a victim of rape or attempted rape. (Gender PAC 1997)

A 1991 study of college gay, lesbian and bisexual students found that 18% had been victims of rape and 12% victims of attempted rape. (Jnl. Of College Student Development)

15% of men who lived with a man as a couple reported being raped/assaulted or stalked by a male cohabitant. (1999 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

6 out of 10 rapes are reported by victims to have occurred in their own home or home of a friend, relative or neighbor. (US Dept. of Justice 1997)

Sexual assault is reported by 33-46% of women who are being physically assaulted by their husbands. (AMA 1995)


Apr 17, 2002
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At an OP in view of your house...
Bob, those are good stats. thanks for posting them!

If those numbers are correct, that means that approx. 1-2 rapes happened every minute. Pretty sucky, but pretty important for people to be aware of these realities...


Kembudo-Kai Kempoka

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Mar 9, 2004
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FBI Crime clock stats for 2003 have a forcible rape occuring every 5.5 minutes. It is important to remember that these stats are based only on reported assaults; average estimates are that less than half of sexual assaults are reported...for women over the age of 18. That number drops drastically for children and teens. The crime clock also does not take into account the vast number of rapes that occur that are not considered rape ("I never called it rape"). Also not taken into account are the unreported assaults, in which the victim is unsure if the contact constituted assault.

Education for co-eds on college campuses includes the assertion that permission/compliance can only be given by someone who is emotionally responsible, aka in full use of their full faculties. Alcohol can cause people to lower their barriers, and use less sound judgement. Tipsy, one is no longer able to grant consent, as they are not in full control of their faculties.

While dissemination of this info has decreased rape reports on college campuses, it has also contributed to another form of under-reporting: I had a few drinks and was drunk, and we were out on a date, so doesn't that mean I consented? I probably would not have if we were sober, so does that mean I was raped?

It is also estimate that the statistics for sexual assault on minors under the age of 12 is vastly under-reported.

In a psych class at Cal State Fullerton, the prof did an interesting poll of the room. How many women in here have NOT been sexually assaulted, or subjected to an attempted assault? No hands went up. Now for the men, think of all the women you know...who here does NOT know a woman who has been assaulted, or who was the victim of an attempted assault? No hands went up.