Are there any good Krav Maga tapes out there?



Are there any good Krav Maga tapes out there? I seen a lot of tapes on KM, but I don't know which tape is woth having. I have hear of Nir Maman that were made by the TRS company, but I do not know if if anybody has seen the Nir Maman tapes. I don't know if these tapes would be a waste of money.:confused:
I have seen bits of Nir's tapes. They are very good. Check Ebay for Israeli Fighting or something like that. You can usually get them cheaper then TRS.

--jeremy bays
I was fortunate to train with Moti Horenstein at a S.E.P.S.I. in-service for LEO a couple of years ago. He is former Israeli IDF and teaches Krav Maga for ISI [Instinctive Shooting International] out of Houston. They are the ones who certified me as an Israeli Instinctive shooting Instructor. Check their website to see if they offer any videos or see if Moti has a website, he's in New York.

Good luck.

there's a bunch
check out the officialy KM site