A Soldier's Song, please download!!


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Oct 13, 2006
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The charity Help for Heroes has put on it's website a song that it a must have. It costs a pound to download with the money going to help injured soldiers.
The song features the Band and Bugles of The Rifles and the actor John Tams who plays Rifleman Daniel Hagman in the 'Sharpe' series. He sings the theme song on the series which you also get when you download! Please watch even if you don't/can't download!


As a shameless plug for one of my favourite charities do look at the shop site, I have the wonderfully cute teddy plus the car stickers and wristbands. I've my eye on a few other things as well! You can buy the CD of the songs if you can't download.

I know this is a British thing but I also know how wonderfully supportive the Americans are towards service people and while of course your own must be supported first, I thought you would'nt mind me posting up this.
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