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How many styles of Judo are there out there, I studie Jacket wrestling style of judo made by John R Holm, He is top of the line and i believe he is a master of the art , He has been doing it his whole life almost and it shows. I have learned much from him and he always seems to have somthing new to show me. But how many diffrent types of judo are there out there?
I was always told that the only true "judo", by that name, is the Kodokan version, although there are certainly many versions of jujutsu and other grappling arts.
Well they all start from somewhere but seem to branch off a little in style depending where you train and so forth.
Jacket Wrestling, a type of Judo, eh? Funny, Judo normaly involves one. What does this imrpove over traditional Kodokan Judo, what sets it apart? I'm interested now........
This Sounds Like Sombo.
What Are The Rules That U Follow.
Its really diffrent we work with body manigement and diffrent style of Judo.

If you have any questions about it please ask.
Jacket Wrestling is another name for Sambo.
Sambo Has Throws Arm & Leg Submissons.

Like Judo u can Win from A Perfect Throw.
Un like Judo U can not Win from a Pin.
Armlocks are simalar, but no Chicken Wings.

Un like Judo U can Use Leg Locks, But Straight only.
No Choking is aloud.

The Uniform is an all Red or Blue outfit
Wearing A Kurtika(Jacket),Wresltling Shoes.

Explain Your Instructors Styel for us please.
Thankx Judo-Kid
Im still Waiting for an Answer
Well it conbines all the diffrent skills from wrestling with judo jujutsu, To give you a conparisent on how we are really diffrent then a Tradional Judo Club, are throws where we grab how we set up is very diffrent. We only do a few Leg locks but we always have BJJ and Sambo Guys coming down to train with us and i pick up more from them.
even though you cant leg lock in Judo Comp:uzi:
Originally posted by Judo-kid
But how many diffrent types of judo are there out there?

They all stemmed from one. All I can tell you is that you need keep training and refining what you have. Keep the good stuff then refine it some more. Take the material you don't like or don't think you'll use and put it in the back of your mind. Practice those on occassion since you'll never know when you just might need 'em. All arts are; are tools. Each art are good in their own right. Drills of motion. All you can improve on are basics.
This Still does Not Answer my Question????/
It Still Sounds Like Sambo

Sambo has alot of Wrestling & Judo/ Ju Jitsu
Yeah, sounds a lot like a sambo. Probably came from a teacher that did sambo and judo?
Which is not a Bad Thing at all.
But The Post Say's a New Styel Of Judo.

My Question is How Does it Differ from Sambo
Or Kodokan Judo????

Both Are Styels of Jacket Wrestling
Both Use Arm Locks & Throws
I do know there is old style Judo and Olympic Judo which only differ in the types of techniques used for matches, but other than that I have never heard of there being different "styles" of Judo as there are in Karate or Jujutsu.
Has anyone seen John R holm or talk to him or seen his students fight (like me) Its not sambo, Its really diffrent. Its hard to explain on the internet.

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