A Guide to Thai Shorts


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Aug 9, 2007
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The design and colour of a Muay Thai Boxing short is really down to personal preference. The real issue is sizing. Before I started supplying Thai Boxing shorts I was naivally under the misconception that all sizing is standardised across the board regardless to brand. However this is not true.
Sizing differs between the different brands, which is further complicated by Thai and European sizing. For Example, a Thai size XL is probably equilivant to a European L or M. A similar comparsion can be drew with respect to US and European sizing. Now we have got that out of the way lets have a look at how the sizing differs between brands. To illustrate this we will use Twins and Fairtex sizing.
Twins Sizing
XXS - LENGTH: 11, WAIST: 22, WEIGHT: 26-34KG
XS - LENGTH: 12, WAIST: 24, WEIGHT: 34-42KG
S - LENGTH: 13, WAIST: 26, WEIGHT: 42-49KG
M - LENGTH: 14, WAIST: 28, WEIGHT: 49-57KG
L - LENGTH: 15, WAIST: 30, WEIGHT: 57-65KG
XL - LENGTH: 16, WAIST: 32, WEIGHT: 65-72KG
3L* - LENGTH: 17, WAIST: 34, WEIGHT: 72-80KG
4L* - LENGTH: 18, WAIST: 36, WEIGHT: 80-88KG
5L* - LENGTH: 19, WAIST: 38, WEIGHT: 88-100KG
6L* - LENGTH: 20, WAIST: 40, WEIGHT: 100KG
Fairtex Sizing
Sizes Length* Waist Weight
Boys M** 14 inch 20 - 22 inch 50 - 70lbs
XS** 15 inch 23 - 25 inch 70 - 90lbs
S 16 inch 26 - 28 inch 90 - 112lbs
M 17 inch 29 - 31 inch 112lbs - 132lbs
L 18 inch 32 - 34 inch 132 - 165lbs
XL 19 inch 35 - 37 inch 165 - Heavy Weight
XXL **20 inch 38 - 40 inch Super Heavy Weight
*Length is from top of waistband to bottom of shorts
As you can see from the above tables a Twins XL (LENGTH: 16, WAIST: 32, WEIGHT: 65-72KG) compared to a Fairtex XL (19 inch 35 - 37 inch 165lbs - Heavy Weight) differs quite considerably. The reason for this is that Fairtex have actively targeted Europeans from when they first started back in 1958, whereas Twins started off in Thailand with Thai sizing and have over the last decade or so just started to sell to Europeans.
In summary when choosing your shorts please carefully look at sizing tables and dont assume that all shorts are the same size regardless to brand as I previous did. If in doubt contact the supplier and clarify sizing with them. Any supplier that are worth their salt will be able to guide you precisely regarding sizing. To ask us any questions regarding shorts please me.