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  1. I

    Realistic knife defence demonstrations against 100% resistance. Combat sports based.

    Hey. I'm from Israel and we have been suffering from a lot of knife terror attacks lately. I thought about the subject deeply and watched and tried almost every technique video with more than 1000 views and in almost all of the languages. then I combined my former knowledge (Former Israeli...
  2. K

    Long Shot But... Anyone in Victoria BC Want to Train?

    I train Krav Maga at a gym in town but it's only twice a week. I'm want to jump in and really make it a priority to learn as much and as quickly as possible. Of course I want to continue with the official class, learning the correct movements but then I'd like to practice those and really...
  3. S

    How to Beat a Muay Thai/BJJ Practitioner in an MMA fight?

    I do Krav Maga, but we do training that much more closely reflects kickboxing/karate as opposed to the usual knife/gun defense stuff that Krav has ill reputation for. I'm good with my knees and elbows, and I've got a decent ground game. I've been practicing martial arts since April of this year...
  4. Ivan

    Article on Krav Maga

    I wrote an article on Krav Maga and how its training methods are superior to those of traditional martial arts, and how the majority of martial art curriculums could benefit from them. I was wondering what your thoughts are about. Here is the link.
  5. M

    would Krav Maga be the best fit for me?

    I'm 25. I have mental illness. I am not in good physical shape but I am physically very strong. Though a lot of that is because I'm big and I'm only in the top fiftieth percentile of my height so I guess I really mean to say I'm a big guy. I was overweight but I have lost a lot of the weight. I...
  6. P

    Self Defence Research Project

    Hi Everyone, As part of my final university project I am researching into why people like yourselves decide to join a self defence class. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out the below questionnaire it will only take two minutes of your time. Thanks in advance! Please find the...
  7. A


    Search out in Youtube a video about Russian Krav Maga. It looks beyond belief. And I have a question, of course. Does it work and exist in reality or Krav Maga is applicable only for videos? Wanted to start Krav Maga but I'm not sure if it is not just a waste of time. Especially, for girls...
  8. Isaiah90

    Starting modern self defense school in NC

    Starting my own self defense school in NC. Trained martial artists and untrained peeps are welcome to join. With years of self defense training, heres what i have to offer. Diversity - What makes my lessons unique? Theres no set system of self defense training. Instead, i invite a diverse...
  9. P

    Trying to decide a school

    hi, Im a 46 yr old former wrestler, I did Crossfit for the last 8 years and Im looking for something a little more fulfilling than just working out. My primary goal was to find a martial art for exercise. As i researched more Krav Maga kept coming up on my radar. We have Andrew schools that...
  10. K

    Krav Maga or Muay Thai?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get into a martial art and have narrowed it down to KM and MT. I want to learn for self defense, but also for improved fitness, confidence, and discipline. At first I was set on KM, but I've read different opinions on how it isn't effective because you don't spar...
  11. andyscriven

    An awesome drill to improve your understanding of leg kicks.

    I have taught Karate and Muay Thai for many years and this drill has been really successful in teaching students different ways to use leg kicks. The routine is 5 separate kicks put together in one flow drill. As it incorporates angles you can work in safe entry and exit from each move. You can...
  12. RichBb

    Krav Maga Instructors certification in NY?

    Hi guys, I am looking to into a certification course. I am have 15 years of martial arts training (5 of them in Krav Maga). Trying to put together a group of serious fighters to get a private group to train in NY. I spoke with a few experts and got some great recommendations for potential...
  13. A

    Self Defense & Martial Arts Confusions and Misconceptions

    Read this article and find out about the differences between competitions fighting, martial arts and self defense: Martial Arts Misconceptions
  14. BigJavi973

    Martial Talk's GMA Martial Arts Lineages

    I pretty much have taken the idea from that lineage website etc Feel free to post your lineage and see where it traces to. IMO it is very important to know where your specific Martial Art comes from. You don't want to learn from someone who learned from some guy in the back of a laundromat. How...
  15. EMT

    Krav Maga vs Muay Thai

    Krav Maga vs Muay Thai. What are your opinions? I stand on the ground that Krav Maga is a good martial art with one major weakness: the training method Krav Maga vs Muay Thai
  16. V

    Montreal Krav Maga

    Most of us know Krav Maga and its philosophy: very practical style of self-defense and is used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to train soldiers and civilians to become efficient in a short amount of time. Krav Maga is an aggressive, anti-terrorist survival system without rules. It deals with...
  17. E

    Krav Maga Kuckle Protection

    Hi everyone, I recently I started Krav Maga and am really enjoying it. However, I have an old boxers fracture injury on my right-hand ring finger. The knuckle is actually still noticeably smaller than the other knuckles on that hand. The injury is about 10 years old and never given me...
  18. RedArrow

    Krav Maga in Essex

    Hi, I'm looking to take up Krav Maga as a Hobby. My main reason for doing this is to learn Self defence, and to help me get in shape of course. I've been researching about Krav Maga for a few days now and have emailed/contacted a few schools/venues- and have found out that it's not regulated...
  19. BJJCop

    What do we all make of SPEAR System?

    Any advice, experiences of this system from others? Practiced this for years. It's always interesting to get feedback from different perspectives. Training does involve resisting partners and the hi-gear training is good as long as your partner just doesn't give way to you intentionally. I find...
  20. N

    Keen to start learning Krav Maga

    I'm pretty keen to start learning Krav Maga, i've read quite a but about it and have been lurking my local gym called Urban Kombat which looks pretty great. What does everyone think about the gym or leaning Krav Maga in general? Positives/negatives? I'm a 24 y/o male if that helps...
  21. RuthlessCombat_Australia

    Introducing Myself.

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forums and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Christian, I am 23 and I live in Sydney, Australia. I currently train in Gracie Jujitsu and Muay Thai/Lao Kick boxing. I am looking to get out of the competitive field of BJJ and Muay thai and try a more...
  22. RuthlessCombat_Australia

    About to start Krav Maga, What is everyones experience with it that train ?

    Hey guys, Im from Sydney. I have experience is Gracie Juijitsu, Muay thai and also Karate. My manager mentioned Krav Maga as being the best and realistic martial art in the world. I watched some videos and I plan on starting at an academy tomorrow. Whats everyones experience who has trained in...
  23. W

    I found another Krav place I am about to visit

    Does anyone train here? They have real former Israeli soldiers teaching and in the higher levels they have full contact sparring. This is awesome. Here it is: Alpha Krav Maga | MPTRAININGCLUB.COM It looks awesome. I'm totally visiting after finals. I may have my art selected. I tried several...
  24. D

    I need your Advice/Help!

    Dear Martialtalk Members, I have a Problem and maybe some of you can help me. first Some Background Information: I used to do Karate twice a week, from age 8-12. I was very motivated and I loved the Sport, it was great Dojo aswell. (Not a "MCDojo") I had the Purple Belt. With 13, my father told...