Yahoo: 'Subway Diet' works! Foster mistakenly eats, still makes weight

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    02-20-2010 02:55 AM:[​IMG]

    Breaking barriers and holding fights on new continents always comes with small risks for the UFC. UFC 110 is on tap tonight in Sydney, Australia and almost everything seems to have gone off without a hitch except for one small problem with Brian Foster at the weigh-in. The officials on hand almost cost Foster some money because of miscommunication when quickly converting weights from kilos to pounds. Foster missed weight by a kilo but wasn't informed. In this video shot from Sydney, Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole indicated that before officials got to Foster he had quickly downed a six-inch sandwich from Subway and drank some water!

    Foster did return later to drop the necessary weight and the fight against Chris Lytle is on. The kid deserves some kind of extra credit. Jared Fogle is packing on the pounds now, maybe it's time for Foster to get an endorsement deal from Subway!

    Yahoo! Sports.
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