Yahoo: 'Cro Cop' almost fought Pat Barry at UFC 110

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    The UFC bad luck with injuries/illness continued this week when the scheduled slugfest between Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and Ben Rothwell was ruined because of a stomach flu. Rothwell got sick in Australia, went to a hospital to receive fluids and couldn't recover well enough to remain in the fight against Cro Cop. In fact, he left Australia and is already back in the United States.

    The UFC searched for fill-in opponents on Wednesday but with so little notice, the promotion had to turn to a local fighter, Anthony Perosh.

    Heavyweight kickboxing specialist Pat Barry was one guy considered. On Wednesday, he was asked by his trainer Duke Roufus if he was interested.

    "He asked me if I wanted to step up and take the fight," Barry told Cagewriter. "I said absolutely. I told them I would fly in the day of the fight and fight him in my jeans."

    Barry (pictured next 6-foot-11 Stefan Struve) ran into a couple of issues, a work visa and his health.

    "I'd take it no matter what, but we were told I couldn't get a work visa [in time]."

    Barry, who like Cro Cop is making the transition from the world of K-1, was bummed that circumstances weren't different.

    "Of course I'd love to have that fight. If I had more notice that would've been awesome," said Barry. "I [expletive] wanted that fight so bad, bro. I told them 'y'all don'teven have to pay me. Really! All you have to do is send me a planeticket.' Either way I win."

    Barry's health and conditioning were also issues. He just got medically cleared to train after a long recovery from a broken thumb (pictured on the right). Barry didn't care.

    "I haven't trained in three months. I'll fight thedude in my jeans," Barry sounding like the WWE's John Cena or Uncle Elmer. "I would've fought him while I'm fat."

    Barry was the rage of the MMA blogosphere after his win over Antoni Hardonk at UFC 104. He received bonuses for fight of the night and knockout of the night and banked $130,000. Days after the win, Barry admitted that without the extra cash, because of a heavy debt load, he may have been homeless. He even said that he barely ate the week of the fight. Barry is happy to report that he's paid off all his debt, put some money away to start a retirement plan and has been eating like a king.

    Barry is expected back in June. Rumors have it that he'll face fellow striker Gilbert Yvel at UFC 115 in Vancouver.

    Yahoo! Sports.
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