Yahoo: Garcia and Roop grind out to an unsatisfying draw

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    In a fight that few people expected to go past the first round, Leonard Garcia and George Roop grinded out a three-round classic that ended in a 29-27, 27-29, 28-28 draw.

    The two both were clearly going for a first round knockout, swinging for the fences with every punch. Leonard Garcia spent one minute of the round in a guillotine, but couldn't finish it.

    The secound round started on the feet, with both fighters throwing big punches and kicks. Again, Roop took Garcia down and Garcia tried for the guillotine. After escaping the guillotine, Roop tried to get back to his feet, and while standing, landed a knee on Garcia's head. Due to that foul, Garcia was given a moment to recover, which helped him as he finished the round with strong standup.

    In the third round, Roop tried the exact same strategy, throwing leg kicks and eating punches before taking Garcia down. This time, Garcia recovered and got back to his feet quickly.

    After Roop kicked Garcia in the crotch, the fight was paused and the referee deducted one point from Roop. When the fight restarted, Roop ate some strikes from Garcia and then took him down again, but Garcia got back to his feet with just 47 seconds left in the fight. In the last ten seconds, both fighters threw a flurry of punches and kicks, causing the crowd at Nationwide Arena to stand and cheer.

    Both fighters called for extra rounds, or at the very least, a rematch.

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