Yahoo: WEC 47 postfight: Bowles' hands may be a huge problem

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    There are lots of injury risks when you step into the cage. One that has to scare fighters the most are lingering hand injuries. Once a fighter has issues with his hands, it may never go away. It also provides an unneeded mental hurdle each time you step into the cage. Can you really let loose and throw with full power? One of the world's best boxers, Floyd Mayweather has been dealing with brittle hands for years. He's survived and thrived by becoming an putstanding defensive fighter. Can an MMA fighter do the same? Brian Bowles may be at that crossroad.

    [​IMG]Bowles, 29, lost his WEC bantamweight title tonight at WEC 47. After two rounds, he couldn't continue against Dominick Cruz. Bowles said he broke the hand on his first punch of the night. What a mind screw that had to be as Cruz danced all over the cage. It was impossible to catch the new champ and if Bowles did, he probably to hold back his right hand to avoid severe pain.

    The really bad news here is that Bowles just missed part of the last seven months trying to recover from a break in his left hand. Bigger money is on the way for the little guys between 135-155 pounds, let's hope Bowles can stay healthy, win more fights and cash in.

    The WEC handed out $10,000 postfight bonuses. The George Roop and Leonard Garcia draw got fight of the night and Anthony Pettis got knockout of the night for his vicious stoppage of Danny Castillo. Joseph Benavidez hauled in submission of the night for his blood squirting choke against Miguel Torres. ​

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