What makes hapkido hapkido?

Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Humble artist, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. What makes hapkido unique?
    In terms of technique or other things.
    Just thought about that,probably a bit hard question as arts share things,making them universal but...
  2. strider

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    I think that the mutiple ways that you can defend yourself is what makes Hapkido what it is. The way you use your pponents energy against them, and the use of joint locks, pressure point attacks, throws, kicks, and strikes when it is nessasary. You really dont have to hurt anyone to end a confrantation, although you can if you have to. Thats what i think but im still new to Hapkido, only been taking it for about 2 1/2 months.
  3. Thank you.
    That was sort of what I might have been looking for.
    Anything else,anyone?
  4. strider

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    hey NP im really interested to see how others reply its a hard question to answer for me any way.
  5. Eraser

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    Well.. to generalize Hapkido .. and what makes it good.. its kinda hard.. because there are different branches of Hapkido as well..
    Our style of Hapkido is very unique becaue we use principles from Kosho Ryu.. We put major focus on body positioning.. you would be amazed on how much more power you can get from your body by simply turning your body 45degrees...... Its actually mind blowing.. we also do ground work not so much grappling.. but how to get the person off of ya.. its really cool when you learn what to do to make a persons freeze in place.. we do skeletel freezing..(i know sounds like an Arnold flick eh!!) which is sooooooo awesome!!
    Most all MA do kicks, punches ect.. but its the inbetween stuff that makes it different..... :asian:
  6. strider

    strider Guest

    hey thanks eraser i forgot about that part of our style, brings out my point alittle better. or i hope it does?
  7. H@pkid0ist

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    What makes Hapkido what it is, is its diversity. You train to defend against trained fighters, so in turn you have to be able to cover all the aspects of fighting that all other systems use. As well, it is a Mixed Martial Art in one school, with nonconflicting Idealology and principals. All these different techniques are taught as a single uniform art. There is no nesesity to go from school to school to school to school. As well, we train in each area to a great proficience to equall that of the arts that specialize in their specific techniques ie.. striking, grappling. kicking,whatever. Becouse of all this we in turn have to have the aspects off all other systems without conflict and maintaining fluidity. Transitions from soft to hard to soft ect. Also, we must keep up with the ghanges and advancements of all other systems to stay true to our purpose as a combat art that defends against other systems. This and much more that is hard to put into words. This is HAP KI DO.:p
  8. strider

    strider Guest

    nice reply h@pkid0ist that is what i think i was trying to say but you said it better.:asian:
  9. Thanks for the replies.
    Even though the "DO" really shines into my eye every time I think of this art,some sources (which I refer to as web) give me the idea that hapkido would be "entirely self-defense" art or something like that,quite different to what I´ve read in other sources then.
    Must be a matter of school,but it´s still a way we are talking of,right?
  10. Eraser

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    Well, I believe that all MA.. is some type of self defense...
    Our school, is a true self defense school.. but our kicking style is based on TKD.. and we also study.. like I said above Kosho Ryu.. so our school isn't really a true "Hapkido" stlye school..
    We are Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido.. this is now a registered style of MA.. its sooooo cool to be part of somthing that's new.!!!

    hope this helps out!! and doesn't bring much confusion.. lol:asian:
  11. Thanks
  12. MountainSage

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    I am not HKD, but we use HKD in our TKD dojang for part of our self-defense, go figure. I ran across a website some time ago that was about the North Shaolin Kung Fu and the individual in an article, some Shaolin person, stated that HKD was the Korean equivalent to the Shaolin Kung Fu.

    "It's not the destination, but the journey that build character."
  13. Thank you too.
    That is a very interesting description.
  14. Hello
    in my opinion as long as the three principles of
    Water , Circle And Harmony are kept then it can be Hapkido. Hapkido in my mind should be a complete martial art encompassing all ranges and weapons.
    As with TKD the art is meant to be scientific also and hence can evolve. Evolution does not need to be in one direction either. People are all different thus it would be natural for some instructors to favour eg striking as opposed to grappling. Some will enhance this part of their training and will have something to offer to the Hapkido community.

    i agree although i think in all reality to find out what others train to do i think that some degree of school visiting is needed. there will be something that one does not know about. :asian:

    Let's adhere to the 3 principles and lose the ego for self righteousness and only then will one be practising the begginings of Hapkido. :asian:[
  15. H@pkid0ist

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    Actually what I ment was training in multiple systems and schools either one after another or at one time.
    I still do and encourage my students to visit and at times practice with other schools when they get the chance. Especially in the world today with so many different systems and them changing so rapidly, you have to keep up with them or stay in the past.
  16. I completely agree.

    the next question is to ask whether there is a way of training without imposing yourself upon another class. the instructors may not like others visiting for example.
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    H@pkid0ist said:

    "What makes Hapkido what it is, is its diversity. You train to defend against trained fighters, so in turn you have to be able to cover all the aspects of fighting that all other systems use."

    The hapkido instructor in my community said the same thing to me and, at the time, I thought that it was just his way of teaching Hapkido or a personal opinion of his own. From what you are saying, this is an underlyig principle of Hapkido in general?
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    I totally agree with what you dudes are saying, Hapkido is a martial art made to counter other martial arts,, I am not saying that it is much more superior than other arts, it just has a very very large tool box to take care of whatever task comes along,, but as usual,, the person using the tools MUST practice hard and long so they know what and when to use the right Hapkido tool for the job,,,
    Michael Tomlinson:)
  19. MountainSage

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    I find H@pkid0ists statement very interesting and informative. Coming from a TKD background and being train in self-defense against a non-MA attacker this clear some concern I have had. At my school we are taught the two MA would not fight and I've always had a problem with that assumption, to idealic. This makes me more interested in Hapkido as my primary art. Now I need one of you BB to move to Oregon and teach me.
  20. H@pkid0ist

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    One thing you want to make sure you do not do is neglect the erractic and akward fighting style of untrained fighters as well. They are just as dangerous as anyone else out there. They have no training in use of force, honor, self restraint. Its not just trained foghters that you need to practice a nd prepair against, its the untrained as well. Remember that they do have a fighting style as well that varies from person to person, and you have to take this in to account and be prepaired for it to. This is what you will probebly face more often than anything else, in the street.

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