WC Footwork and Mobility

Discussion in 'Wing Chun' started by TMA17, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Sorry! Double post!
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    I've heard this from some Wing Chun lineages so it's not completely wrong. It's just one of those statements that needs to use the word "Some..." From an outsider looking in. Wing Chun tends to get caught into "THIS IS HOW REAL WING CHUN IS DONE." By not saying "Some Wing Chun schools" he stuck to an absolute. In my school we are taught to do things from the heels but it's not expected for us to do everything from the heel. Sometimes it's from the ball of the foot, sometimes it's from the heel. Fighting is fluid and reactions to fighting must be similar.

    My rule for stances/weight distribution is the higher the stance, the more I should be on my toes. The lower the stance the more I should be on my heels or preferable an even weight distribution one the foot if possible. It's just body mechanics and some things in terms of weight distribution on the feet works better within different stance ranges.
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