Victorian Cane Combat

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    Ah. Do you happen to know any other manals currently available? I allready got the one I posted in paperback, as well as some other manuals that briefly touch stickwork, including one on Bartitsu, but are always looking to expand my knowledge. :)


    Just figured that since it was published in 1923, it must have been public domain. Sorry for posting the link to the .pdf , as I see now that you have the copyright on the formating.
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    There are a bunch. Just look around. Many of them are in french (which I can't read).

    That's not a problem. I specifically granted a public use clause:

    "You may distribute this document in whole, provided that you distribute the entire document including this disclaimer, attributions, transcriber forewords, etc., and also provided that you charge no money for the work excepting a nominal fee to cover the costs of the media on or in which it is distributed. You may not distribute this document in any for-pay or price-metered medium without permission."
    I just get a great deal of satisfaction when I see someone referencing my work. I particularly enjoy it when the work is referenced to me in a thread which I'm participating in. It's extra enjoyable when the person referencing the work doesn't realize that I'm in the thread.

    To be completely honest, you kinda made my day by posting the link. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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