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Discussion in 'Horror Stories' started by Matt Stone, Apr 28, 2003.

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    A good look at a “traditional” Karate dojo in Okinawa.
    Seated at table from right to left: Nakamura Shigeru-Okinawa Kempo, Oyata Seiyu-Ryukyu Kempo, Toma Shian.

    Looks like a place to work out instead of some place to order sushi

    (Notice the fancy décor and elaborate fixtures)

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    :yinyang: I got into this thread by accident - looking for information on Bow Sim Mark and her school in Boston - but just to give you a little help.

    I called the WuShu Institute in Boston and spoke with a Ms. Cecelia Wong who said she is a long time assistant to Bow Sim Mark and after talking to her about the school I asked if she knew this Shannon Kawika Phelps that you guys are discussing.

    Ms. Wong told me that Sifu Bow Sim Mark has been a friend and teacher to "Shane", she calles him, for over 14 years and he was actually in Boston for a special event with Sifu Bow Sim Mark a few weeks ago and he stayed on for a while for private study.

    So that's one phone call made. p.s. I also asked how old she thought Mr. Phelps was since I've never met him and she said she thought he was in his 50's.

    Have fun with this guys, I'm going to continue my research on Bow Sim Mark in other threads. :cheers:
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    How about this guy? What do y'all think?

    Click here
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    He's got kenpo beat BAD - more than 100,000 techniques.
  5. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    He's got balls claiming that much experience/ranking. And imagine how strong he is to carry that incredible load of ******** around.
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    Wow! A Soke Dr. Grandmaster!!! And elsewhere on the site, he's also a Professor Grandmaster!

    If he's achieved mastery of jiu-jitsu [sic], ken-jitsu [sic], iai-jitsu [sic], and iai-do, then he should have no trouble showing us all those menkyo.

    And he can jump 9-feet high!

    Sign me up!

    Then shoot me!

  8. Kirk

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    What do y'all think about this guy?

    He seems sincere enough .. but all of the certificates he's posted
    on the net are ones that can be purchased on ebay. With one
    exception, a yellow belt cert. That's not to say he didn't earn
    them ... just that we can all get the same certs with no work at
  9. chufeng

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  10. RyuShiKan

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    Odd you should mention his certificates since we had/have a "Soke" :rofl: here on MT that has the exact same certificates.........anybody recall a cat named Chiduce????
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    Did anyone notice that some of the pics claiming to be him, he's black, and others hes asian?

    Maybe I'm seeing things?
  12. I personally think it's funny.

    I mean, to see a white guy with the zen thing going, the ninja phase, and the "how dare you dishonor me" type demeanor... It becomes a culture to itself. It's like those type of guys that think they're "gansta" and know about all the problems in the "hood" and the ghetto when they live in the suburbs. :rofl:

    I know this one guy... He first was a Buddhist, then a Taoist... Problem was, he didn't know the first thing to Buddhism or Taoism, just started meditating with candles around him. He did the traditional shrine clapping custom every damn minute, bowed to every person of Asian descent (should've seen their facial expressions :rofl: ) and greeted them in first Chinese, Korean, then Japanese. It was pretty funny actually.

    One thing I have that not many other people have is that I can usually tell what people's ethnicity is. I can tell whether they're Korean, from China, Tawian, Vietnam, Japan, Scandanavia, Russia, etc. Some weird talent I guess.
  13. ROFL!

    He was in the Army Special Forces during Vietnam... Special Forces was better known as the Green Berets at the time, and you just can't switch from the Army to the Navy like that. :rofl: It says he's enlisted, and became an officer in the Navy SEALs. Problem was, if he did serve in Vietnam under the Army, he would be too old to go to first switch from the Army to Navy then go to an academy or go to ROTC training or any green to gold program. I doubt he was just comissioned but who knows with his decorated history. He mastered all situations in multiple disciplines. He's fluent in Mandarin after two years (sorry, Mandarin is not really a language that one can be as fluent as he claims in two years), and Stanford has never heard of him. Like you said, a person so high yet lucrative in the CIA wouldn't brag about such a title. :rofl:

    He has various degrees (BA and Masters) from Stanford, Harvard, and Yale. :rofl: Never knew there was a Masters of Divinity from Yale.

    What's funnier is his lineages.
  14. tonbo

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    I wish to state at this time that I believe all of the claims made by all of these guys. Really. I do.

    I, myself, am a 50th degree master (no, Grandmaster......NO, SOKE) of "Oh-shi". Okay, the style consists of one defensive move, and one offensive move. However, they have been distilled down from centuries of tradition and combat tested techniques. Sure, all you other guys make claims about your techniques and lineages, but mine is best. Really.

    I have a hand-signed certificate, written in the purest of ink from the temple of Oh-shi itself, hand-written on pure parchment, all done by the founder of the system. He was very old at the time, but the ceremony was phenominal. He signed my certificate, gave me the thumbs-up, and said, "You got it, Jack!".

    No, I won't show you the certificate. The ink ran and smudged a bit when my puppy peed on it. I am having some of my current Oh-shi ninjas see if they can travel back in time to get the founder to make a copy for me. I will keep that one in better shape. *Then* I'll show you the certificate. Trust me.

    Oh, yeah. And those Kumite guys? I've beaten them all. They just won't acknowledge that fact, since it would prove the validity of my claims of superiority.

    As a matter of fact, a very little known fact, all other styles are derived from Oh-Shi. Even the ones that are not created yet. All styles. That's right. And no, you can't look it up. You have to take my word for it. I only state that historical fact here, because I trust the citizens of MT to guard that knowledge (or my ninjas will have to kill you). Even *joking* that you would print such things is courting death. Trust me. Death on swift wings. Bad stuff. Oh, and I'll sic the IRS after you, too.

    Like I said, I trust and believe in the masters, as I am one of them. Superior to them all, but one of them nevertheless. I am the inspiration for Mr. Miyagi, the Ninja Turtles, Bruce Lee (you *did* know he was a fake, right?), and every ninja ever portrayed. I rule.

    And then......I woke up. :rofl:

    Okay, so.....for those who may have missed it......this is a JOKE.

    I really *did* learn Oh-Shi, though. Here's how it goes:

    1) Defensive move: Hold one hand vertically in front of the bridge of your nose, resting your thumb directly under the nose. Hold your other hand in front of your groin, cupping it and guarding it.

    2) Offensive move: Use one hand to strike with a double eye poke, using the first two fingers to thrust into the eyes. With the other hand, strike with a straight punch to the groin.

    Those are the basics of Oh-Shi. You are now all masters. Go forth and train hard; build on the system, using movement as you will......but keep the attack and defense pure.

    Want a certificate? Let me know....I'll draw one in crayon for you. :rofl:

    Sorry for the bandwidth....but I had to do it. The ninjas told me so.

    Oh, yeah....did I mention that I worked at NinjaBurger? :rofl:

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    Whats really funny MartialArtist is that he was out of the service after Viet Nam, went to college, went in the Navy, then was commisioned in the Navy. Whats also funny is that I know two of his teammates who were in the Navy with Him. It would be funny for you to say Stanford has never heard of him, as his diploma hangs in his home next to all his other degrees. There is a funny book you can get called "Demon Chaser" In it you will see pictures of Sensei Phelps in Vietnam in 1969, pictures of him in uniform, "ringing out" BUD/S graduation in 1979, then in 1984 with SEAL TRident, pictures in uniform with General George Patton Jr. Pictures with Admiral Christoph at OCS graduation in Newport, RI in 1981. Pictures in Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Masada, Palmyra, Petra, Damascus etc. Also pictures of him being ordained as an Episcopal Priest. Pictures with the Fu Family in Guangzhou, China. Hmmm
  16. He has all his degrees at home? NO WONDER I COULDN'T FIND THEM! But seriously, all of his colleges being from top schools (Ivy League and such) such as Harvard and a top school like Stanford = genious. Not only that, that was AFTER he was an enlisted private. Wow. Being in 'Nam, being out of service, enlisting in the Navy, being comissioned, then becomming a SEAL, retiring, then becomming a top CIA executive all in a timespan of 20 years? Wow. Phelps is probably 45 tops, and he must've been like 15 when he enlisted. Maybe he was one of those boys during the Civil War who lied about their age. Either that or the US Army accepted him because he was so good. :rofl:
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    He's actually in his fifties. And just to help you with the math, 1969 was 35 (thirty-five) years ago.
  18. He'd have to be at least 52 to have been in 'Nam.

    And with his credentials, and being bright enough to go to Yale, Harvard, and Stanford, he should've aced the ASVAB.
  19. Matt Stone

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    Fort Lewis, Washington
    Again, the life experiences he claims really disallow much time to dedicate to martial arts training... What with military service during wartime, college, more military service in special operations units, then more college, then all the CIA time and overseas work, and to top it off, seminary school at some point...

    So where did he find time to train? Or sleep, for that matter... And all of this by his fifties (since he has been teaching for a number of years, right? That would push back the final date for accomplishing much of this, as well as his ninjitsu mastery, at least that far...).

  20. To even get into an Ivy League School takes dedication AND apptitude. Between all his studying (LOTS OF STUDYING TO GET DEGREES FROM YALE, HARVARD, STANFORD, ETC.), his military training, his training as a CIA operative or whatever he claims to be: he still has time to learn from all these great masters!123

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