So just how many techniques does your hapkido program have anyway?

Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Daniel Sullivan, Jul 8, 2010.

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    I think much of this confusion is related to how you define "technique". If you for example understand the mechanics and basic principle of how the traditional s-lock (known as "nikkyo" in Aikido/Aiki-jujutsu) works, you can essentially enter into a variation of it it from pretty much anywhere the opponent grips you on your body, including variations that no-one has previously taught you (and even without your opponent grabbing you if you're a bit creative), and I could probably easily put together over a hundred different variations of how to enter into it, execute it and finish it, if I put in some effort. Do I then have a hundred different techniques, or a hundred different ways to do one technique?

    In my mind, this is similar to asking wether a straight armbar from mount is the same technique as a straight armbar from guard or a straight armbar standing up, as the underlying principle behind the techniques is the same, but the entry, circumstances and execution is different.

    Personally, I think of the s-lock as a single technique that can be applied from a bunch of different places, but strangely, I also think of straight armbars from different positions as separate techniques.
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    Kong Soo Do nailed it with his replies on the first page.

    I personally roll my eyes when I hear anyone say something about the thousands and thousands of 'techniques' in their art. I think this boasting has become due to the commercialization of martial arts where people just stand in a room and do "moves" on each other but never really learn the nitty gritty of founding principles and theories of movement. The things that actually make a martial artist a martial scientist. But teaching "moves" is a much easier way of filling a room with a bunch of people and keep them busy while you cash their checks.123

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