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Jul 5, 2016
Jan 19, 2009
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Black Belt, from SoCal

just2kicku was last seen:
Jul 5, 2016
    1. Red Assassin
      Red Assassin
      Hey kickster. Finally made it on here.
    2. Jenna
      Hello Joe, I am muddling through. Is life being fair to you these months? I hope so. Is is good to know you are around! :)
    3. kungfu penguin
      kungfu penguin
      hope to see you in union city week of july 7-9 lets try and hook up to say hi let me know the name of your school so i can ask around to meet you tom martin harpers kajukenbo
    4. Tames D
      Tames D
      Hey Joe,
      Sorry for the late response. I've been inactive on this site because I was asked by one of the mods not to post anymore. I guess I have a bad attitude, lol.
      I Hope everything is good in your life. I have alot of respect for you. Still training in Kaju?

      Take care, Tim
    5. kungfu penguin
      kungfu penguin
      dear sir, just thjought id let you know GM Harper awarded me my brown belt i was pretty stoked thanx for all the encouragement---tom
    6. searcher
      Sorry brother!!! It has been a madhouse around here. Little work, school is struggling, trying to sell the house and get one out of town,.......utter insanity. I promise I will call you. You staying safe and busy?
    7. kungfu penguin
      kungfu penguin
      i was there i was the guy with shorter arms and inverted wrists i would have loved to meet you lets plan on that next year---tom
    8. psyon82
      My instructor is Sigung Steve Watson who is under the late Grandmaster Alan Abad . . . wow you are fortunate to have a father and uncle trained in martial arts. My dad trained in Aikido when he was younger and used to spar with me when I was a child but never taught me anything formally.
    9. psyon82
      Thanks and thank you for the advice. Yeah, that was one of the many things I was frustrated about upon reviewing the test. There were two guys who did the club techniques before me, and the attackers were coming so fast, they didn't have a chance to pick up the club. I didn't even bother cause in the past I've been known to attack an attacker with the club in my hand if they came at me before I was set. I knew I was being graded on the techniques, so I didn't want to risk another "mix up". :0)
    10. searcher
      Hey brother, I have had some family things come up. Sorry for not getting you called yet.
    11. Tames D
      Tames D
      Thanks for the friend invite. I've always enjoyed reading your posts.
    12. kungfu penguin
      kungfu penguin
      my nom is doing better thanx for asking how are you doing just got to my 2 year mark in kaj i am iron mongoose at the kajukenbo cafe take care---tom
    13. searcher
      How's it been Joe? I am doing fine. Business has been a bit slow, but the economy is being hard on everyone. I am just hoping that business will pick up at the school and in my personal training business. The wife and I are trying what we can to not have to switch jobs.
    14. kungfu penguin
      kungfu penguin
      keep my family in prayer just found out mom has lung cancer thanx ---kung fu penguin
    15. kungfu penguin
      kungfu penguin
      doing good work seems to be dragging me down though---how about yourself?
    16. Daniel Sullivan
      Daniel Sullivan
      Hello Joe,

      Hope your weekend went well!
    17. Twin Fist
      Twin Fist
      no problem bro. I was never worried
    18. kungfu penguin
      kungfu penguin
      kaj boys stick together keepin sijo's flame alive
    19. kungfu penguin
      kungfu penguin
      dear sir i train with GM harper in visalia ca i love it!! ---tom martin
    20. Thesemindz
      I'm good, I just needed a break for a while. But you may be seeing me around again. Thanks for dropping the line!
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