Running/jogging, injuries and stuff

Discussion in 'Health Tips for the Martial Artist' started by LastGasp, Aug 28, 2018.

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    Thank you. Perfectly good enough quality to see what you are doing.
    Some of those will be problematic, as my stair well doesn't have the space, but I might be able to find another place or way to try them. I appreciate that you took the time to do this video.
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    Well its not harmful, its just pointless, your training your muscles to become efficient at a novement that has no practicle purpose at all, unless you enter a running on the spot competition, it will help not at all, with running or even jOgging as the movement pattern is completly different, .

    If you want to slighly elivate your heart rate a for half an hour, drag a hoover round, with a degree of Urgency,that way at least you have something to show for it,

    Every so often Our instructor, tells us to jump up and down for 5mins, i do ten big jumps and stop, i can see absolutely no point in training my muscles to do something that will come in useful, never123
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