Ortiz vs Liddell 3

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Headhunter, Nov 24, 2018.

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    They both wanted the money that's all...Liddell got fired from his fake UFC job so needed cash...Tito wanted an easy win and a bit of extra cash. Chuck can say whatever he wants about passion or love but let's be here he did this exclusively for the money. If he had any other way of getting paid he'd have done it instead of the fight.
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    I can also agree with it was a money thing.I was discussing it with my wife and said well ,he should made enough money in his time in ufc and pride& then she reminded me ufc just recently started making major money back in chucks day not so much .So I do think money also played a huge roll but like I told her they also got to pick there fight he probably thought he could easily whoop and ko tito a 3rd time and retire with that .I think we all agree it turned out to be a bad situation for chuck but if he'd knocked out tito for the 3rd time what would everyone of said then tito should have never went for the rematch ? People are very judgmental and that is easy to do when you are not in someones shoes.123
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