Kempo or Kenpo in Baltimore

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Talk' started by DavidCC, Dec 22, 2005.

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    I am travelling to Baltimore (actually Columbia MD) the week of January 9th, and I would rather workout some Kempo or Kenpo than get drunk with my co-workers at night.

    So, does anyone have a friendly neighborhood studio that would welcome me for a day or two of beating up on me? :)

    I guess I'm a few weeks early for the Sabaki regional tournament... so t's going on in Baltimore the wekk of the 9th???

  2. Well, I am in Taneytown, But I know of a Kenpo School in Westminster. If you want, you can check them out online.. I believe.
    OR...go to the MMA forum here, and check out " looking for a fight" it has all their contact Info.

    See ya.123

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