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Continuing to practice standing. Am using the iron rings during training as well. Today I held all 20 rings for half an hour, and ten for an additional half hour. Began trying to do the first movements of the form very, very slowly today. 100 seconds per posture but moving the whole time. Interesting.

The throat holds the head up.
Continuing standing training with results. Recently discovered my left ankle to be pronating. Have made an initial correction (POP!) and now have to retrain muscles. I think my left foot played a part in my whole structure twisting and my hips locking. Now trying to rebuild and open from the ground up.

Last night while standing, I think I felt the weight of the bones for the first time. I felt the pelvis be a bucket, and it's position between my hips control every part of my body above it. I began to feel my bones, and how they work.


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