YiLiQuan Fighting Strategies Seminar



October 11th...

This is very preliminary...but we do have a firm date for the seminar.

Sifu Phillip Starr will be leading the seminar...
Others involved will include Jim Burgess (2nd in line to Sifu Starr), Mark Hachey (known to you all as chufeng), Matt Stone (known to you as Yiliquan1)...

This seminar will be at least six hours in length...it is open to the general public...prior martial training will be helpful, style does not matter...

I'm posting this here so that any of you who may be interested in making the trip to the Tacoma, WA area will have time to plan.

Further details will be posted as e nail down the specifics.

It's a damn shame you are on the other side of this continent!

I would very much like to participate. Given your great love of the arts in general and Yili in particular, I feel sure it would be a great day.

:cheers: I hope many can be there.
Jill, you would most certainly be welcome...too bad you live so far away.

If you ever make a trip out this way...look us up.

Thanks for the good wishes...

There is a Yiliquan instructor in the D.C. area. If he gets a small club going, there may well be future seminars in that area. It would be a welcome thing to have Yili seminars hosted all over... There is a lot within Yili that is applicable to any art, though that doesn't necessarily make that other art Yiliquan.

Hope we are able to accomodate you at some point in the future, Jill.

Hmmm.....I may have to see if I can make another trip to Seattle. ;)
Bring it!!! Come get some. I'll put you up in my digs if you want.

Same offer goes for darn near anybody (even you Jill! :D ).

See ya!