Yahoo: Okami fight shocker: 'This is awesome' says fan

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Sep 11, 2006
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03-31-2010 06:07 PM:It's been a while since Yushin Okami fought a crowd pleasing battle. The Japanese veteran, who quickly jumped into the UFC's top five at middleweight back in 2008, had fallen quickly in the eyes of the promotion. He lost some fights and his ground and pound style was effective but boring. Tonight, he got the perfect opponent to show off an underrated striking game. Okami destroyed Lucio Linhares on the feet and scored a TKO finish when the doctor said the Brazilian couldn't continue at 2:47 of the second round.

It was the type of fight the casual or new MMA fan loves. One onlooker screamed out, "this is awesome," as Okami battered a clearly overmatched Linhares from post to post. Okami was looking to clinch early but Linhares, who kept switching from conventional to southpaw. But he was sloppy and Okami saw that he could land combinations whenever he wanted. He dropped Linhares with just over two minutes left in the first and then chose to go into Linhares' guard. The first round ended and Linhares had a huge gash over his left eye in the eyebrow. In the second, Okami teed off from the opening seconds.

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