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Nov 13, 2022
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Ya Tui Gong is an exercise known as 'leg pull gong'. It is a Gong which pulls the body into the correct shape for martial arts. It is also not taught in Tai Chi schools.

Image: Ya Tui Gong in the morning

My teacher is very good at Tai Chi but also has lineage in Huaquan and others, has reccomended me Ya Tui Gong in order to fix some errors in my Tai Chi form. As a result, for the first time in my life after over 30 years, I felt I was able to "sit" in bow stance. I feel this is a so very special and rare treasure. As a result of this sudden and dramatic improvement I feel so grateful to my teachers.

This semester since I am the PE teacher in a Senior Highschool I have decided to teach Ya Tui Gong and Tantui to the senior highschool kids:

Image: Teaching Ya Tui Gong in Senior Highschool

The kids love it. They like Ya Tui Gong, they like Tantui, and they like the Tai Chi Kung Fu stretching and chi kung exercises I also teach them: White Crane Circles Knees, White Horse Parts Its Mane, and more.

Image: White Crane Circles Knees

What is best is that during the sit and reach test, every single student who performed Ya Tui Gong increased their range by 1 to 3 centimeters. Every one. The school is very impressed with these results. It made me realize, that if you want to relax into deep stances in Tai Chi and truly express Tai Chi's martial power, you must perform Ya Tui Gong. Inside Ya Tui Gong are all of the scientific realizations we have made and have yet to be made. It is great!

Do you agree? Does your school practice Ya Tui Gong? For those of you who do practice it, what are the benefits you have experienced? Thanks for your comments!

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Sep 26, 2012
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4 stages of stretch:

1. 憿 Ding - top of the head touch toes.
2. Kuo - forehead touch toes.
3. Wen - mouth touch toes.
4. Fei - chin touch toes.

If you can reach to stage 4, you are very good.

Benefit - it will make you to feel young during your old age.

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May 2, 2020
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Oh boy, have I got some old school Neigong material to share on this stuff, but today unfortunately I have some unfortunate family business to attend (unexpected death). I'll dig into my tomes later.

But yeah, one of the most important techniques in all of kung fu is the ability to sink the body into things like deep squats and opening muscle groups that are normally tight, especially the groin, and IT band.

Yoga teaches these things really well, but they can be found in many of the old Chinese styles like Tai Chi and Shaolinquan. This is life-extending gong.


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