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Aug 24, 2007
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Lexington, Kentucky
When I was in high school I attended a few wrestling camps. I went to Ohio State's wrestling camp in between my sophomore and junior year. While at Ohio State wrestling camp I had the honor of having a UFC champion as one of my coaches/teacher (although at the time it was before he became well known). The coach/teacher that I'm referring to is Mark Coleman (UFC Champion). He was going to Ohio State at the time and wrestling for them. The head coach of this camp was Ohio States wrestling coach Russ Heckerson. After my junior year in high school I went to Clarion University in Clarion Pennsylvania. One of my coaches/teachers there was Kurt Angle (ever heard of him?) He was going to school there and wrestling for Clarion University. Who would have known or guessed that he would win Olympic Gold (with a broke neck) and then go on to be a WWE super star and Champion and a TNA superstar and Champion. It wasn't untill years later when they became big names that I learned that I had had them for coaches at these two wrestling camps. Going to these wrestling camps were really fun and not to mention a learning experience. It was the first time I had been away from home for any length of time. By the way, these two guys that would go on to superstardome helped coach the sessions on takedowns. I really learned a lot not just from them but by all the coaches that were helping run these camps.

Does anybody have any wrestling camp stories to tell?

Also, is there any wrestling camps available for adults who are not in high school or college? If so where are they and how can I get info on them?


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Sep 19, 2008
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Very good for helping along a young wrestler's development, but I don't know of any for adults. Not enough of a market for it.

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