White interview: Lesnar was only fighting at 60-percent of potential

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Sep 11, 2006
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11-23-2009 04:35 PM:

The news is still trickling out on Brock Lesnar's condition and future. Dana White dropped the bombshell just after UFC 105 on Nov. 14. According to White, Lesnar's problem is a perforated intestine which was crushing his immune system and causing him to be consistently worn down. It's still up in the air when and how the problem will be fixed but the prognosis is more positive today. White said Lesnar had minor surgery in Bismark, ND but it's unknown if the hole was actually closed.

Now White was told by Lesnar to respect his privacy but the UFC president still felt an obligation to release some information. People worked up a speculative lather when White said it wasn't HIV or cancer. It all made Cagewriter wonder if the generally cantankerous Lesnar flipped out on White after he spilled the beans (5:56 mark):

"Dude, that's my job," White told Cagewriter on the eve of UFC 106 in Las Vegas. "Brock Lesnar is a UFC fighter. He's under our umbrella and people want to know. If it was up to Brock Lesnar nobody would know. Nobody would even know this happened."

At 6-foot-4, 285 pounds, Lesnar may be the scariest guy in all of fighting, but even this one spooked the UFC's heavyweight champ:

"This was a [expletive] scary thing for him. He was worried about his future. It's not only his fighting, he's got a family."

White revealed that doctors told Lesnar, he's been dealing with the condition for over a year and that he's only been operating at 60-percent of his potential:

"That's a lot [expletive] scary. He's at 60-percent of his potential? What's going to happen when he comes back? How much faster can you beat people? Hopefully we can get though this."

White also spoke about his new working relationship with Tito Ortiz and his lack of control over the officiating. Referee Steve Mazzagatti is going to work Nevada and California fights whether White likes it or not. And frankly the more White rips him, the more likely it is "The Stache" may work all 11 fights on the season 10 "Ultimate Fighter Finale" (sarcasm).

Since Cagewriter is always looking out for the fans, we also asked about improving the viewing options at the arenas. The UFC has multiple screens where you can watch the action but it really needs to steal an idea unveiled by boxing at the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto fight. Top Rank invested $150,000 in a 360-degree big screen that hung over the ring (0:04 mark). much like what U2 used during its shows in the United States. Good idea or not?

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