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My wife and I are fans of C.J. Box. He writes the Joe Pickett novels about a Fish and Game Warden in Wyoming. He also writes the "Highway" series which the recent Big Sky series on ABC is based.

He's written a Joe Picket novel every year since 2001. My wife and I read each one as it came out. But with the pandemic we had more free time than usual. She mentioned she wanted to read them again.

So I bought all twenty and we started over. It was so much fun. But, as I said, we had been reading one a year. Now, we were ripping through them. In doing so I caught something that was an inconsistency, and it had me puzzled. Didn't catch it the first time because it had been 13 years since two different books mentioned something.

So I looked up his agent, sent her an e-mail and asked it be passed on to Mister Box. That was about six weeks ago, I forgot all about it.

Today, I got an e-mail from C.J. Box. What a cool thing, what a nice guy to do that. In it he thanked me for the letter and for reading so diligently. He said I was correct about the error and it had been changed in subsequent printings of the novel. (well before I wrote him)

The fact that he would take the time to e-mail me back, and not through his agent, speaks volumes to me. What a cool thing, what a class act he is.
A white paper called: Analyst's take: Force.com application droves faster development and Kingdom Come by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Yea, I am boring sometimes.

I've been reading FEMA manuals for the last two days. (for work) God, I want to tear my eyes out.
My work requires similar reading; at days end I usually close my eyes and fire up a good audio book. I just finished Dr. Sleep by Stephen King, great read and just the remedy from reading government babble all day.
Reading Black Smoke, African Americans and the United States of Barbecue by Adrian Miller. Really cool book if you like to eat and are interested in learning a little.



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Possession by A.S.Byatt
Unquiet landscape by Christopher Neve
Staying human, ed. Neil Astley
The first pinan flow book by John Titchen and Ian Aberthy
and The rattle bag
I just finished the historical fiction novel Sidi and and am now jumping into another, Revoluci籀n, both by Arturo Perez-Reverte. A couple of fast paced pieces of light summer reading to refresh my deteriorating Spanish literacy. At least that's my excuse.

Sidi is a fictional adventure based on part of the life of the medieval, chivalric Spanish hero, Rodrigo D穩az de Vivar, commonly known as El Cid. Enjoyable enough as juvenile and/or travel reading on a plane, etc.


Revoluci籀n, as far as I've gotten, deals with events set at the outset of the Mexican revolution when Pancho Villa and Pascal Orozco were still allied and supporting Fransisco Madero, fighting against troops loyal to Porfirio D穩az up around Ciudad Juarez near the US border.

At the beginning the plot is reminiscent of Mariano Azuela's 1915 classic, Los de Abajo, but looks like it will be lighter. Azuela's book was a more difficult read and downright depressing ...difficult because of the authentic, peasant dialect used and depressing because it's author personally participated in many of the events described. And in real life, civil wars (call them "revolutions" or whatever) really suck. This book looks a bit more romanticized which suits me fine. :)

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