WEC 45: Jorgensen seeks win over Mizugaki, title shot

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Sep 11, 2006
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12-15-2009 12:15 PM:
Scott Jorgensen is known as an exciting, hard-nosed fighter who, win or lose, always gives the fans an exciting bout to watch. For Jorgensen, the foundation of that style was laid when he wrestling for Boise St.

"The Boise St. style fit me perfectly coming out of high school," Jorgensen told Cagewriter. "It's a hard-nosed, score points, don't hang on to a lead, style. That makes an exciting match, and an exciting fight. It translates well to fighting."

As he prepared for this Saturday night's WEC 45 bout with Takeya Mizugaki, Jorgensen relied on his alma mater to help get him ready. The Boise St. wrestling team, as well as Kit Cope and Joe Warren, lent a hand in Jorgensen's preparation.

"I don't want to be one of those guys who come from a wrestling background and then forget it. I'm not a striker. I'm a wrestler at heart. I can do it, and do it well, but I don't want to lose what I've taken from wrestling. Beyond that, I want to give back to the guys who have helped me. I'm helping the guys in the Boise St. room, too."

Jorgensen said that his wrestling background has toughened him up so that he's ready to take anything that Mizugaki brings in the cage. He's heard the talk about Mizugaki's striking, but thinks he's ready to take it.

"I heard the same thing right before I fought Damacio Page, and I wasn't fearful, but I respected it too much. Banuelos hit me with everything he had, and I can take a punch. I've been wrestling for 17 years. You don't get punched, but you take a headbutt, a knee to the chin, a hip, you get hit with heavy shots. My chin's been tested. If he's going to knock me out, he's going to have to hit me with something that I've never seen."

Both Mizugaki and Jorgensen have won Fight-of-the-Night bonuses this year after losses. For Mizugaki, in his WEC 40 loss to Miguel Torres and for Jorgensen, his split-decision loss to Antonio Banuelos at WEC 41. Jorgensen expects that with him and Mizugaki in the cage, they will be in the running for one of the best fights of the year.

"It's never my goal [to win the bonus], but it is nice to get. But I guarantee that you put two fighters like me and Mizugaki in the cage, who both move forward and aren't afraid to push the pace, you're going to get a treat for the fans and for everybody. When you put two guys together like that, it's chemistry for a fight of the year."

With a win, Jorgensen hopes that his name will be in the mix for a bantamweight title shot.

"It's going to get some consideration. He's the only guy to take Torres to five rounds. Granted, Brian beat him, but the fact that Mizugaki brought him to a decision says a lot. The guy beat Jeff Curran right after that. He's definitely no slouch. I don't see how they could overlook the winner for a title shot after Cruz and Bowles go at it."

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