Warm-up drills for beginners. . .


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Jun 15, 2004
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I've noticed a lot of beginner's here, and thought I'd share my warm-up bag and pad schedule, which I posted on another forum. Hope it helps.
Here's my bag and pad work schedule:
Five by Fives

Round Kicks, then Knees to the Heavy Bag in the following order:

1 x Kick

2 x Kicks

3 x Kicks

4 x Kicks

5 x kicks

4 x Kicks

3 x Kicks

2 x Kicks

1 x Kick

Repeat this set Five times on each leg (250 kicks/knees, 500 total).

Three by Hundred

Three sets of a hundred of each strike on the Heavy Bag: Jab/Cross/Hooks/Elbows (300 each, 1800 total).

Ten by Tens

Jab/Cross on Heavy Bag in the following order:

Jab/Cross x 2

Jab/Cross x 4

Jab/Cross x 6

Jab/Cross x 8

Jab/Cross x 10

Jab/Cross x 8

Jab/Cross x 6

Jab/Cross x 4

Jab/Cross x 2

Repeat this set 10 times/repeat for hooks (500 punches each, total of 1000).

Four by Fours

Kicks, Punches and knees to the Thai Pads in the following order:

4 x right round Kicks

4 x left round kicks

4 x left Right, jab/cross combo

4 x Clinch Knees into pads

Repeat this 10 times (Total of 80 kicks, 40 punches, 40 knees).


Kicks and knees to the Thai Pads in the following order:

5 x Right round kicks

Grab padman - 10 x straight knees

Twist/push padman and 2 x right round kicks.

Repeat this five times, then swap legs (total of 70 kicks and 100 knees).

Jab/Cross Combo

Using the Thai Pads, perform the following Jab/Cross routine 10 times:

Jab/Cross, lead hook

Jab/Cross, lead uppercut

Jab/Cross, Left elbow

Jab/Cross, right elbow

Jab/Cross, left round kick

Jab/Cross, right round kick

Jab/Cross, Left straight knee

Jab/Cross, right straight knee

Total of 180 punches, 20 elbows, 20 kicks, 20 knees.

Keep in mind that this is part of our warm-up; done before the sparring drills, shadow sparring and sparring. More difficult to hurt someone when your tired as poo. . .it's sort of like our health insurance ;)

This is after running roping, shadow boxing, of course. Hope you can use it. :) Maybe get the mod to try it (hint, hint), and, if he likes it, sticky the thread.

- The martial artist formerly known as AdrenalineJunky. . .