Video game based "shadow boxing"



I thought I would share an interesting training aid I was playing around with. First off, I'm not advocating learning MA from video games (and I've seen kids on some forums that use games as their "teacher").

I started using an old (1992) boxing game as a supplement for shadow boxing. I've been needing to touch of on my reflexes to cover or defend against various strikes while sparring. Apparently I don't spar enough.

Shadow boxing is pretty good for working up a sweat, working on form and technique, and flow. One of my problems is, I'm not very creative in "imagining" what my opponent will throw, and thus how to "react."

Enter 4D Sports Boxing. In this game, I set up a computer to computer match, and set the camera to one of the boxer's viewpoint. I then stand up, and "react" to the various jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, etc that the "opponent" is throwing.

In essence, I'm shadow boxing with an external stimulation.

The graphics are crap, and it's only good for hand techniques, as I've never heard of 4D Sports Kickboxing. As crude as the graphics are, compared to today's standards, you can still get a good sense of motion and direction of hits.

(from somebody's website)


If the speed and techniques that they use is somewhat realistic to that of a real opponent than you got a good program there. Like Zepp said, whatever works...