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Mar 30, 2002
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Leeds, England
The mods seemed to have locked the thread before i finished typing my reply. Last one I promise, then I'm off anyway since you all seem to think I'm some sort of joke.

Someone asked if I was having a pissing contest with Kirk about HTML, no, of course not, that would be petty and pointless. What I'm annoyed about is his nationalistic and ageist views, and the fact that he managed to somehow drag the war into a thread about code.


Okay ... now LOOOOOOK at the comments you posted. Where
did Mr Billings first ask about the aesthetics of his site? HE

"Please e-mail me comments". He didn't ask about anything in particular. You don't seem to realise that I was only trying to help.

Clever editing there again, there was more before the
"It could do with a serious overhaul", wasn't there?

Will you go read the damn thread in the archive, I never even posted in that thread before that, so how was there more before that comment??

Yeah, maybe you should have. Then you would've realized that
it's not all like it says in your precious text books that you're
squawking information from.

I haven't quoted a single text book. You seem to think I make this stuff up on the spot, I don't. It all about making things which people find easy to use, which is the study of Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

There are proven points that people have found when studying this, that can easily be applied to webpages, that's all.

I still do. They chose the colors, not me. It's called customer
service. A little thing missing in England, at least it was when
I visited there.
And the frames? Inexcusable for a professional job.

If you baudied around England with your arrogant yank attitide that you're displaying here, I'm not surpirsed you didn't get any service.

Web site programming is FAR FAR FAR
from other types of programming. And web site aesthetics has
squat to do with programming skills. It has more to do with
color matching, fashion, or interior decorating.

From the man who made a frames page for a professional job....and even got a maintenance contract out of it.

I don't just do web pages, in fact not that much of the time really.

I also do lots of 'other types of programming' as you like to put it.

That's by your own personal choice. That site is huge, and is a
collective by a staff where I work. I wrote the ASP code that
apparently can't see because of your precious text browser.

When did i say it was a text browser? I tried it in Opera actually.

I feel sorry for you, if that's the case. Have you ever thought to
look to the inside as to the cause of this? Maybe if you toned
down the tude a little, the pointing and laughing would decrease.

You think I'm like this all the time? Only when some ignorant bugger puts my back up.

You do realize Dilbert is a cartoon, don't you?

Makes more sense than you do most of the time.

You're not going to impress me one bit. You're a kid with
an ego, and you enjoy putting people down.

Not at all.

your elitedness feelings about your country, and so on.

/My/ elitedness feelings about /my/ country? What? You're the one who's been vaunting America the Great for 2 days! Claiming that the rest of the world is jelous of you!

Tone it down some. I've gotten several PMs saying they were glad someone finally spoke up. Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Cowards, if they've got something to say then bloody well say it!

I'm off now, I can't be arsed with this anymore.


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Mar 30, 2002
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When the moderators lock a thread, it is to end conversation on the topic.

So now you've bravely marched foward to get the last word before proclaiming that you can't be bothered to have the conversation anymore? You'll pardon us if we are overwhelmed with an inability to care about the deep outrage you've experienced over Kirk's "nationalistic and ageist views." Your snarky comments about Kirk's coding abilities were the very definition of "petty and pointless."


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Sep 1, 2001
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This thread is now LOCKED. Any attempts to circumvent the lock by creating a new thread will result in disciplinary action.

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