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What weapons, if any, are taught in TSD?

If any, is the practice principally by forms or are there two-person forms of some type of sparring?
I'm not sure of the specifics, but the TSD BB I know trains with bo and nunchaku. Next time I see him, I'll try to remember to ask him more about that.

we study both nunchaku and staff (bong).

there are exercises and forms for each weapon plus some tournament forms also, but i guess it would depend on where you study.

We study also the knife and stick (short & long)
(Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan)
yes we have several dagger forms and i know there are some short staff (jo) forms and sword forms also. i am looking forward to learning these.

Most of our (World tang Soo Do) weapons training is forms related, although many instructors incorporate two person drills, and we do have some pre-arranged self-defense techniques.

What I have personally been exposed to includes the following:

1. Long Staff: 3 forms, several one-step sparring scenarios, choreographed two person sparring, basic dexterity including strikes, blocks, and twirls.

2. Knife (dagger- usually single edged)- 1 form, numerous self defense techniques against an attacker with a knife, cutting seminars, dexterity, protocol, knife against knife.

3. Long Sword- Drawing and cutting, protocol, 1 basic form, 1 long form, another form I've seen but haven't learned yet, sword against sword one-steps

4. Cane- 1 form, numerous self-defense techniques

5. Rope- Not yet an official weapon, but have been exposed to basics of using rope as a weapon and in self-defense situations.

I have also been exposed to but have not studied in depth nunchaku, tonfa, and escrima.

The only weapon students will work with regularly prior to black belt is the staff.
i love weapons training. even if a weapon is not korean based i would like to learn it.

it takes much skill and practice to perform with weapons but i feel it is definitely worth it.

sounds like you do alot TSGuy. very cool!
Officially, we teach knife self-defenses however as far as having any formal weapons training, there is none that I have officially seen that is not tournament/forms related and many of those types of forms are from other styles that have been picked up since the forms are "pretty" for tournaments.

I do recally seeing a demonstration by a high ranking Soo Bak Do practicioner. He demonstrated a 4 man form using the short staff. Was interesting however I was not very impressed since you could tell that he was not comfortable with using the weapon.


there are formal weapon forms in TSD. these are the ones i know of.

3 staff forms.
3 dagger forms.
sword forms.

these are performed by the organization that i belong to. they are not tournament forms. those are extra.
I was speaking to a TSD practitioner today who emphasizes staff but also does some knife and some rope (belt).
it is said that there are no real traditional weapons in TSD, and that these weapons come form the origins of okinawa.

they have been incorporated into many different styles and arts. depending on your school and instructor weapons may or may not be taught. i prefer to learn weapons regardless of their origin.

i have experienced training in staff, nunchaku, sai, tonfa, and sword.
I can use almost any weapon. However, unfortunatley when I was coming up through the Ranks, our school only taught Bo.

I learn the others in other styles.

I hear TSD has changed some..that is good. Good luck on your weapons. :)

Nunchuka(E chul bong), two forms various self defence

Bong(long staff), Five forms various sd

Knife, one form

Sword, two forms

We tend to learn the form and then we are shown the applications for each move and practice them in pairs
i guess it all depends on where you train. i believe that there are more non traditional forms than traditional ones.
"i guess it all depends on where you train. i believe that there are more non traditional forms than traditional ones"

True the nunchuka forms were added by my school as were two of the bong forms(Okinawan in origin, very different from WTSD bong forms). The other three bong forms and the knife form were developed by JC Shin and I believe the two sword forms come from Kuk Sool Won.
i think we use the same 3 bong forms as you. bong hyung ill bu, e bu, and sam bu.

the knife form is dan gum hyung. the sword forms i am not familiar with yet, but i look forward to learning them. we also have other non traditional bong forms too.

we do not do alot of nunchaku, but we have several exercises, one steps, and two non traditional forms.

i enjoy working with different weapons, even if they are not TSD related.
About the knife, what kind do you use and where could I get one. My clubs supplyer can no longer provide the knives we have been using(single edge, 6-7 inches long, 2-3 wide, wooden handle), the closest thing we can get is a Japanese tanto.

Watch the wooden ones--they're often pointed and can leave a cut or take an eye out.
origionally tang soo do had no weapons training, but now were seeing the bow and the dagger being introduced. i have been fortunate to train years ago under the late master ormanian, and be a member of his weapons and demo team. i teach all weapons at my dojang. along with forms i teach practical defense tecniques using weapons. bo staff, 3 sectional staff, fans, knife or dagger, chinese spear, sai, kama, tonfa, single broad sword, double broad swords, nunchucku, single and double, battle axe ect. weapons played a big part of the history of the martial arts. the weapon is considered an extension of the hand. tang soo do is such a beautiful martial art with a rich heritage. weapons training can only enhance its beauty! tang soo!!!!!!!!!!!:asian:

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