Transitioning from Chi Sau - Lap Sau - Chi Sau

mook jong man

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May 28, 2008
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Matsudo , Japan
Just want to know how you blokes make a smooth transition from Chi Sau to Lap Sau and back into Chi Sau again.

When I'm training with my guys , from Chi Sau one person will execute the standard drop the Fook Sau trapping both hands and punch over the top with your Tan Sau hand trap .

Then the other person counters the trap with a Seung Bong and we go straight into the Lap Sau drill .

Just so we are on the same page we call the double hand structure that Lap Sau is done from Seung Bong , I think you lot may call it Kwan Sau or something ( damn Wing Chun tower of Babel or in my case maybe babble )

Anyway back in the dim dark ages I'm sure I learned a way of transitioning back into Chi Sau from Lap Sau with out breaking contact or maybe I've taken too many hits to the head and imagined it .

Anyone got any ideas ?


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Nov 5, 2009
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Northern Virginia
I drill going from Dan Chi Sau to Lop Sau into Chi Sau. From Dan Chi in Bong , lop Da,(now you are in Lop Sau) to get into Chi Sau the person who has the Bong will return to Tan Sau and with the opposite hand throw there Fook at their partner (at the same time you return to Tan Sau) (we call it throwing water) the partner will react with Bong Sau and now you are into the roll. After some rolling you can reverse the sequence.

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