Training (and demonstration) Ideas

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Jan 11, 2012
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Those of us who train in the martial arts are always looking for more creative and fun ways to break the monotony of training.

I have trained in boxing and a bit of jiu-jitsu, so I also realize how boring the training can be.

Sometimes incorporating other items into the training not only makes it more interesting, but my also help improve your skills.

This will introduce you to some new and interesting training techniques using balloons. Some of these I invented, and some are ideas I "borrowed" from the Internet or other martial artists. I am creating this article to provide something different for my fellow martial artists, and those who enjoy reading about martial arts.

Some of these training games involve breaking them, and hey, who does not like popping balloons? Its not just for kids any more. A lot of adults also use these techniques.

Here are a list of training games organized by type of martial art:


You need various sizes of inflated round balloons. They should be scattered on the floor. The martial artists must use various parts of their bodies to lift the balloons, and keep them from touching the floor. This is good for co-ordination, and agility training. Plus, it is a good workout.


Usually with this training, the balloons are used as targets. The balloons must be destroyed by kicks, punches, arms, elbows, knees or whatever other natural weapon you are allowed to use in your art. Medium-sized round balloons are usually mounted on a heavy bag. There is also a device called "Bust-It" which is exactly for this purpose. This is not only fun, but gives the artists an actual target, and successfully breaking the target indicates a successful hit by the martial artist.


When used for jiu-jitsu or other art that involves using submission holds, the balloons are destroyed by using a proper hold on it. Medium or large round balloons are placed on the mat, and the artists must kill each balloon by using proper techniques on them. This method of training encourages the artists to use proper holds, and because balloons do not usually "give-in" easily, it gives the martial artists a safe way to practice proper holds. When the balloon breaks, it indicates the hold was successful.


Just a reminder, balloon break nice when hit with a nunchuck or sword as well. These are good for skills training as well as demonstrations.

I hope these help. If anyone has anyone has any other ideas, or has tried these and would like to comment, let me know.

These are important skills to know. After all, you never know when you might be attacked by a balloon. :)