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There is no column for Systema so I am starting one. Are there any other people studying this art that want to talk about the System?

Last week at Vlads we talked about the traditional thoughts on stances and why they can be a hindering factor.
what is Systema? ive never heard of it....
It does go a long way in describign the art to someone looking for a description but really, if you want to know what it's about you need to feel it.
I've seen a little bit from the videos (I think they were through TRS?) and it looks very interesting. How long have you been into it?
Originally posted by KumaSan
How long have you been into it?

I don't know. I have been playing around with it for close to a year now when I sat down and worked it out the other day. Only recently have I become more serious about it though.
if you want to know what it's about you need to feel it.

Gou's right, you can read about and see it on video, but if you want to know about it you have to feel it.

I've only been doing it for about a month total time now, and I dig it. I still really dig kenpo, but this stuff is good :cool:

Vladimir Vasiliev will be doing a seminar at Lee Wedlake's school in Ft. Myers Florida April 27 if anyone is near there. My instructor is flying out for it as both people are his instructors and is he jazzed!

Who is your instructor? I may have seen him either at Vlad's or another seminar.

Vlad is the bomb baby. Mikhail is even crazier to watch. Systema is pretty kewl.

The other day when I was there he asked me how I was liking it. I said it was great although I have no idea what I am doing. he told me simply, "You will."

Now I know how many people first felt when they watched/met Mr. Parker.
How's the training in Systema? Rough? Lots of training injuries? Sorry if I'm off-base, but this is the impression I've had.
The first thing many people see when they start are all these guys in military camo gear. It being a military art due to the Spetsnaz connection it attracts a lot of people into that sort of thing. So it's a large mental hurdle to get over but when you think about it, no more than walking into a dojo and seeing everyone in their Gi's.

His guys are VERY physical but it's a great system and art. Jaybacca once mentioned that it's weird how you don't feel like you're doing lots of hard work but at the end of class you're drenched in sweat and tired. It's deceptive how tough it can be.

So far it is a good start to the thread, keep it going so the uneducated can getting more info. What is a typical training session like? What seperates it from all the other styles, etc?
Systema bases it's movements on people. You won't catch them saying, "Be like the tiger/dragon" and all that. Once when Vlad was explaining an energy absorbing theory to me I said, "So I should be like water?" His response was "No. You are not water. You are not tiger or dragon. You are human being."

There is a pervasive idea of taking what your opponent gives you and using it to your advantage.

Breathing is important. Remember when Martin was whacking me with a stick? The beathing is important.
Who is your instructor? I may have seen him either at Vlad's or another seminar.

My instuctor is Brad Scornavacco, you can read about him on his web site

The other day when I was there he asked me how I was liking it. I said it was great although I have no idea what I am doing. he told me simply, "You will."

I know how feel on that one.

Here is a brief note on what I've learned so far - how to breathe and most important to breathe. Learning body sensitivity, how they move what makes them fall down things like that. How to move your body while being stabbed at with a knife, a real sharp knife. Having a stick swung at you and your job is to move and not get hit. We did a drill where there were about 10 people and five or six knives (training ones) and you were told to start stabbing people and they had to disarm you while avoiding being stabbed themselves. So far it's pretty interesting stuff.

The strong emphasis on breathing is something I associate with internal Chinese arts, though all Oriental arts seem to have some of it. What's the Systema theory of breathing?
To quote my instructor, "you have to learn to breathe through your toes".

When he said this I looked at him like his hair was on fire. Then he showed me what he ment by it. He had the whole class, about 10 people pile on top of me there by crushing me and making it real hard to breathe. He said " breathe through your toes", in other words, relax and focus some where else to regulate your breathing. Kind of worked, but really worked when they all got off of me.

He teaches to breathe normally and not like a tea pot (snorting type like boxers).

Hey, Gou.....quick question for you: Where can you get ahold of the videos for Systema? I went over to the website, but couldn't pull up some of the stuff. Layout was there, but I didn't get links to buy vids. May be just me, I dunno.

Also, which video would you recommend? I'm initially pretty amped about the knife video, but will consider any others that would be a "good one".

Thanks in advance!!

The website is being re-tooled. But the vids are available under merchandise. I purchased the knife defence one first and loved it.

If you read the Systema write up you will see which video won the "video of the year" award. That might be a good start too although I think it's the same video I am talking about.

When you e-mail him tell him "Doug from London" sent you. I don't know if he'll give you a deal but who knows? More than likely he'll punch me. Ah ha ha ha!
Hey Gou, my instructor just got back from Florida where Vlad did a seminar at Lee Wedlakes school.

I asked him how it went and he starts laughing and lifts his shirt to show me one huge bruise on his abdomen. Then he says that Vlad used him to demonstrate breathing techniques on as he beat him with a stick across the abs.

Well, doppy me I ask him, what is it he did to you. He laughs again and grabs his stick, says raise your arms and breathe and hits me with the stick. OUCH!!! I think the point is forcing the pain some where else. Then we had a pretty cool class and he showed me the 3 levels of hitting - skin, muscle and internal.


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