Teams UK and USA West do well in M1 in Japan.


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Oct 13, 2006
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The lastest round of the M1 fighting championships was held in Japan.

The British team has been working tremendously hard and it's paid off. Proud of the lads!

Here's them in Toyko, Ian Butlins accent is Yorkshire will provide translation if necessary!

What Aaron Chatsfield the manager said afterwards. Aaron has worked tirelessly for MMA over the years and is a cracking guy.

Wanted to take the time to thank everyone involved in the successful visit to Japan, if I miss anyone, please don't be offended... very tired!

Rob, Tom, Matt, Si and Ian... the awesome team. I am so proud of the the individual and team performances!
Dave Butlin... for a tireless performance orchestrating all the team training and leading from the front.
Rampage, Dave (Mongoose) and Dray for helping with the teams on the day (great padwork from Dave and awesome corerning from Rampage) and for the best night out I have ever had. To spend my birthday in a Japanese hip hop bar, with the England team and Rampage freestyling on the mic was incredible)
Ian, Andy and Tony at Warrior promotions for organising the damn thing!
Matt and Si from MMA Unlimited for taking the time to meet the team, take some pictures
The entire M1 family.... awesome guys, all of them
Ian Freeman.. always Da MAN!
The rest of the M1 teams, all cool guys, especially USA West!
Team Japan... for giving us an opportunity to prove what the UK can produce
The Japanese fans... made all our guys feel like stars
The UK fans who supported us... gave the guys the team the drive to perform

Kansas and the French team is a mere 5 weeks away, looking forward to another chance to deliver the goods and fly the flag for the UK

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