tardiness of students



I have this problem with wrestling Practice all the time. Not only that I have been having so many problems with the school that it isn't funny. People that have never stepped into my room once to see what is going on are telling me how to run practice. I have been doing club for ten years this year and had one compliant in all that time. Now I have a two page list of things to follow, i have to worry about how to coach a female without touching her at all. I have to have the parents sign in there kids and sign out there kids. So many things I am ready to go strangle some people. It is not a paid position in fact it costs me probley 200-300 hundred dollars to do it. (coach kids club for kids 4-14) but back to topic I think that we have to just suffer for it I have parents dropping off kids 30 minutes late for an hour and a half class and don't bat an eyelash. Good thing there kid makes me laugh all the time.


if you were late in my hapkido class my instructor made you what he called his dummy for the day. He was very good at those locks so being late was very bad lol.