I see the term taijitsu used quite a bit in these forums..what is it? How is it realated to jujitsu and ninjitsu??:confused:
The ninjutsu crowd use it to mean unarmed fighting taijutsu means Body Art.

As you can see, the direct translation has connotations of Hippy body painting parties, so the term taijutsu is kind of useful.

Also the techniques like wristlocks are often applied best when moving your whole body, and taijutsu is taken to mean the art of whole body movement. Thus my ninpo instructor used to say 'Use your bloody taijutsu' as I tried to throw him by twisting his wrist using hand power alone.
Taijutsu means the 'art' or 'methods' of using the body. Like Bod said, it's full-body movement. It does *not* just account for Ninjutsu traditions, but any type of martial training.

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