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Nov 21, 2020
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There‘s a lot of repetitive traffic that asks for a suggestion of a martial art in the presence of extenuating circumstances such as obesity, poor athleticism/flexibility etc.

I wonder if a helpful sticky thread might be developed with considered suggestions of ‘arts with issues’? It’d be the first and helpful port of call for would be martial artists. It would require input from experienced MAs in all the category of arts, but there are plenty of them on this forum.

What do you think?
It would create a definitive answer. And I don't think there is one.
It would create a definitive answer. And I don't think there is one.
The enquirer would still need to make a judgement, but it’d be an informed one.
I dont care who you are, that's funny right there.
Very, very thin ice!
We can't even agree on the proper use for a knife hand,
Can’t we? I know all 12 ways it can be used.
what makes you think we can agree on the best art for specific disabilities?
It seems many people in other threads make recommendations for arts to try when asked by people with issues.. All I’m suggesting is they be collated and placed in a single sticky thread to aid the casual ‘seeker’ and reduce the number of ‘Can you suggest a martial art for me - I have no limbs’ type threads.

It was perhaps to novel an idea.

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