Stongest Sword Steel aganist bullets


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Jun 20, 2003
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Cleveland, OH
As long as I am within about 20 ft. I'll take a knife to a gunfight everytime.


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Jun 12, 2004
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Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Cobra said:
Is there a sword steel strong enough that could stop bullets from peircing through. Like if someone shoots someone and the bullet hits the the sword and falls to the floor and stop.
There was a "Ripley's Believe it or Not" type show on Japan Television a few months ago where the theme was "American Colt .45 vs Japanese Katana". I started watching thinking, "holy crap, they're going to destroy a perfectly good sword for the entertainment of the masses?!?! Oh wait, there's GOT to be a nationalistic spin to this..." so I kept watching. They fired a bullet from the "American Colt" (from a fixed position) at the cutting edge of a Japanese katana. The katana itself was held vertically in a fixed position (not by a human). I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the slow motion replay myself, but the bullet was actually deflected by the edge of the blade without breaking the blade; it looked like sort of a "wedge effect". I'd bet money though that if you fired a bullet at the "flat side" of the blade, this "wedge effect" wouldn't come into play and the blade would just break.

On the "Moro question", I've heard (never experienced personally) that when ammunition is stored in damp conditions for too long (a possibility in the Philipine Islands) that when the round is fired it moves at a much slower velocity (due to the powder being wet) thus having less force behind it. Less Velocity = Less force = possibilty of a bullet hitting a machete and bouncing off. Just a guess.