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I attended a Sport Chanbara seminar earlier this week. Anyone else done this??

If the list is interested I can give a summation or rattle on for a while.. I did have a blast..

Gene Gabel:asian:
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Yes, please tell us about it--I know only what I've read on the web.
Some credits first: The hosting school was Sensei Mike Thomasso in Fairhope AL. The seminar was put on by Shihan Dana Abbott and his assistant (sorry, name escapes me)under the guise of Samurai Sports Inc and Actionflex weaponry. Both places have websites. You might like to visit them so you can see what the weapons and safety gear look like. These guys were very nice, personable, good instructors and well skilled in various arts.

Shihan Abbott has belt rankings in more things than you can imagine and lived in Japan for over 14 years(check his bio on the web site). He is about 43 yrs old but I took him for much younger due to his stamina and spirit.

The seminar was supposed to be about 3 hours but didn't last quite that long because everyone was worn out. They taught basic strikes (like kendo), distancing, some techniques and worked on developing the "warrior spirit". The kids loved this so much you could probably make a living in the US just having kids come in and go for it.. You need the head gear as you take some shots to the head.. It is kind of like getting hit really hard with an empty 1 liter pop bottle. You know you are hit but it doesn't excatly hurt.. Shihan Abbott fought all the adults intil we were all panting like dogs and I was sweating so much I thought I was going to pass out from heat stroke.. It was great fun. I would do it again BUT not on a regular basis..

Shihan Abbott is quite skilled in Iai from the Toyama Ryu style and after some conversation before the seminar he took me aside for about and hour or so for some one on one quality Iai training.. He had me do about 13 Iai kata from my style and then proceeded to help me with some problem areas.. He worked me and gave me some drills to help my noto, grip, balance,posture and overhead strikes. I came away with lots of help in the Iai areas and also a working knowledge of Sport Chanbara.

I recommend it to anyone to try it if the opportunity comes along. The seminar was only $35 US and they furnished all the equipment .

Any questions please ask.

Gene Gabel