Six in Ten Americans Expect a New World War

Rich Parsons

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Oct 13, 2001
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arnisador said:
I too am not sure the whole world wants democracy. I continue to be surprised by the number of monarchs in the world, however diluted their power!

As to most of the world wanting equality, the vote, and freedom of expression...yes, but only for themselves in many cases. Would your average Afghan male accept those for all Afghanis, or just for males? In some Islamic countries, even the women oppose giving women the right to vote. (I'm referring to surveys from this year.) Do they really think that or are they just saying it? Maybe it's hard to say, but I'm not so sure.

It's just not as simple as it "should" be. Many countries severely limit freedom of expression and point to the benefits of that--guarding official secrets, no libel, no having offensive speech forced on others, etc.

If you are raised a certain way to believe a certain way, and then in come a bunch of people to tell everyone they are wrong, you would not like it, and resist what they had to offer.

For example a Democracy or in the case of the USA a Republic, versus that of a religous country.

If the religous country came into the Republic and demanded that all women must give way to men, and that they are not to speak, etc, then many people would be upset.

The same is true if a Republic goes into a country and states it will be a certain way then meny people will resist.

If you notice, in Iraq, the US only helped the elections, by getting them going, and not by telling them how to vote or who could vote, and not vote. This was decided, I believe amongst themselves.

As to another war, it is inevitable. Until the world is run by a single government that is beneficial to the majority, and those in the minority are that un-happy, or capable of causing problems (* either way *), then you will have those that believe conflict is the only way to handle the situation.



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Dec 19, 2004
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Andrew Green said:
And probably a good many that think God should decide who is in charge, not the people. Choosing someone other then the person God appoints is a violation of his will.

In fact, MANY cultures have thought like that over the years, far more then have believed everyone should vote.

I'd also imagine that a good many people might believe that there should be some requirements to vote, not let the mob decide the fate of the country.

Different cultures, different values...
So you're saying that you're backing the move to make Canada a theocracy?