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Aug 4, 2001
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Post your favorite weapon related videos.

Rules are simple:
1- You must have permission. Linking to videos on video share sites such as Youtube is fine.
2- Comments are fine, but keep it polite. No critiques unless asked for.
3- If possible, use an embed code so we can watch it here. This is simple. Click the film strip icon, type in the video link, and submit. Software should do the rest. Alternately, post the link and stick [ video] and [ /video] on either side of the link (remove the space after the [ for it to work)

(Note: the video code above is for vB 4. For vB 3 just post a link if you don't know the vBcode tags. For YouTube, use yt and /yt instead of video in the above example)
Questions? Ask. Problems? Let us know.