Second Lesson - First Student


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Aug 3, 2015
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Second lesson complete
1. Punching drills from the form
2. Footwork
3. Application from the form.

I now have a good read on the new student. She's going to be doing these lessons for about 2 months depending on how often she trains them. She remembers the form , so she knows the techniques to train. I added the footwork and application and it broke her mind. I always get a big kick at how the brain tries to make the body do new movement. She was able to do the techniques on the right sight but her left side (goofy side) was horrible lol. It's only natural. She said she wanted to train more applications but I told her that we will stick with those techniques until her footwork gets better.

I learned some things about myself. I now have to be careful of how I grab people by the wrist as I can no longer sense if I'm grabbing someone harder than I should. My new training as made me insensitive about that so now I have to become more aware. I told her that if I'm grabbing her wrist too hard then to let me know so that I can adjust. Her previous martial arts teacher was what I would consider abusive. She said she got hit in the stomach simply because she asked a question. But other than that everything went smoothly. She says that she does modeling, so I'm not sure where conditioning fits in. I'll have to let her decide on the level needed for that. We trained advancing and retreating footwork. There's so much to train with just the little bit that I've covered so far. I think I'm going to invest in a Bulgarian Bag and integrate it into my training and then eventually into her training but at the moment her weight is enough. She said that the size of her thighs made it a challenge but I know that wasn't it. Stance training burns the legs regardless of the size of the legs. Lots to train. Lots to train.

Unfortunately her current training is only 2 hours a week with me. Definitely not the amount of time that I was hoping for, but may that will increase if her training with me helps her to greatly improve in her boxing class. Or if her boxing coach adopts some of my exercises which would in turn help her with kung fu. The gym's boxing coach came and watched me train her. Talk about an uneasy moment. I wasn't sure how he would take it being that she takes his class. My wife said that he watched what I was doing more than what she was doing. I'm curious to see if any of my training methods will make it into any of his classes.

Next training day is Tuesday. Straight punch jab, footwork conditioning, Stance transition (horse to bow, bow to horse) and double punch. I should ask her if I can record a before video so she can see the progress she makes after the first month. It might make a good promotional video as well as a positive "pick me up "video for when students don't think they are improving.