Qiang-Mao (Spear/Lancing).


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Aug 28, 2001
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Mr. Mace, I saw you mention this on the General forum--is it its own art or a part of other arts? Is this a lance like we think of a European jouster using?
Hi, Arni! :D
Qiang-Mao just translates from Mandarin as Spear, or Lance. I was just referring in the original post to my interest in training with the weapon. The Spear as commonly used by the Chinese warriors through history as a Cavalry (on horseback) or Foot-soldier's weapon, intended more for melee combat than for thowing. Thus, the translation as "lance". The usual length of the traditional Chinese Spear ranges from about 7 to 16 feet, more practical for reach in melee than as missle-weapon.
Kind of confusing is the same Chinese character for Qiang, with the same pronounciation/tone, can alternately mean "Spear" or "Firearm/rifle/pistol", depending on the context of conversation. The suffix "Mao" helps to specify Qiang-Mao as the a Lance/Spear, instead of firearms (although they're all good, too. :cool: ).
Thanks for asking, I hope this clarifies what I was talking about...:asian:
If you want to see good spear technique applied without a spear, look at HsingYiQuan...