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Aug 3, 2015
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I'm into my 2nd week at the gym and I've been noticing that some of the people that come in to hit the bag are following the same instructions that I give to my son. It usually happens after the testosterone match of who can hit the bag the hardest. I don't play that game. lol. After they gas out, I start noticing that the sound of their strikes start to sound like the sounds I'm expecting to hear from my son kicking the bag. Each strike has it's own sound when it hits the bag and that's how I know if my son is striking with the correct body part. It's not until the bag sounds start to sound the same that I know someone else is following the same training.

So far 3 people have adopted my fist conditioning exercise and 2 people have tried my shin conditioning drill. Not bad for the guys who is out of shape. I guess I still have that instructor vibe going on. My son's conditioning is coming along well. It takes longer for his knuckles to turn red. If he keeps it up for 5 more months then he should have a good set of knuckles that don't look like boxer knuckles but will hit like boxer knuckles.