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Apr 8, 2023
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Even though this is spam soon-to-be deleted, I would like to point out that PST files are an archaic form of email storage that are more prone to corruption than OST files.

To put it in our terms: this is like moving from Taekwondo to boxing because you're afraid of the concussion risk.

Outlook already has options to archive files locally or in the cloud.
Do you have experience in extracting specific data from a PST or OST file? I recently had a query about extracting data that is nonformatted from a PST and automatically putting it in a spreadsheet location. Since the PST is not formatted, I don't know how to do this.
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I do not need to convert for format to format but need to extract specific data from the files. Since it is unformatted, I cannot figure out how to 'find' the data.
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if you want to save individual items then you can drag and drop in the drive to save it in MSG file format.
Do you know how to parse within the msg format? I thought it was still in a 'file size' format.

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