Non-Oriental stick fighting.

The current (#4, Mar. 2003) issue of Budo Intl. magazine has an article on Garrote Canario (Canary Islands stick fighting) as well as ads for videos.
I met an American Indian, who did stick fighting. A lot of it was very similar to FMA. As a matter of fact, he broke my hand on a vine disarm.

I know his tribe was from the NE USA. I didn't get much more info, because for some strange reason, he stopped showing up to our FMA club at school, after he broke my hand. I didn't have any hard feelings. I guess he just felt bad.
There was a guy that my old college club got to do a demonstration inIrish shalaili (sp). I didn't make it to the demo so I don't know the value, but some of my friends said it was very interesting.
I believe the Irish call it Shillelagh. I've seen webpages on it, but never had the good fortune to see/work it firsthand.
Silat Student said:
Anybody else have more info on Shillelagh? One thing I've noticed about gaelic is that words get quite a few different spelling.

They are doing regular seminars (about every 3 months) at my old club still. I haven't made it to one yet, but they sound interesting.