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Mar 24, 2002
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Effingham, Illinois
I have been a member of Napma for over 3 years now. My main problem is the cost for what you get. I have been a member on Martial Talk for almost a year. Most of the Martial Artists on here will give you good feedback. I figure if there are people on here that would like to do some networking, I could spend the money on a digital camera. This way I could make my own flyers. Most of Napma flyers I hate. Let me know if you are intrested.
Bob :asian:
Have you thought about using the pictures that NAPMA provides to do your own fliers and ads? I do this pretty regularly since their basic ad doesn't reflect either what I want to promote or the picture is different than what I would want.

One thing about their pictures is that they're professional looking. They have some nice models in good poses, things that attract attention. I know I certainly wouldn't want to have my picture there, and I wouldn't want the legal hassle of getting releases signed for every picture I take at my school.

Other networking avenues to pursue would be the NAPMA Yahoo listserve as well. There are a lot of owners/instructors there that help and you don't have to be a NAPMA member.

Just my $.02

Have been busy downloading Martial Art Clip Art. Got about 150 so far. The Napma pictures most of them I Hate and will not use. In three years I think, may have used 3 Pictures. That is the reason I will get a digital camera or better yet, may get my buddies and take a few pictures of me, and or some of the kids doing martial arts.
Bob :asian:
I will no longer be using them, as soon they send me the lastest package. I think they are over priced and lack material for what they send out each month. I have cut back to 4x a year, can't see paying $129.00 per issue for crap. MAIA and Martial Arts World send me there mag each month for free. I tend to get some good ideas from there. Plus I have downloaded a butt load of clipart. I still hope several of us can kick around some ideas to help each other out.
Bob :asian: